Where to buy circular gate for JLF?

Does anyone know of an arcade parts supplier that carries circular gates for JLFs? Thanks.

Last time I saw some available it was focus attack but it’s just the insert, not the whole plate. Not sure if it’s official or if they have it made out of acrylic? The originals are blue IIRC, good luck!

Just food for thought, the Sanwa JLW lever has an optional oval gate, really a circle but that’s what it’s called. It has a stiffer spring and levered microswitches like an LS32 more or less, worth looking into if you’re curious.

Thanks! I’ll keep searching.

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Found on amazon. Mods can close this. Thanks everyone.


If you have a 3D printer, you can always make your own. :wink:

Thanks guys!

Don’t do it…unless you want to loose the corners (along with the precision)

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He doesnt wanna be a square…yeah bad, i know lol

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Duncan Mcleod, The Highlander, his opinion on gates at 22:24:

And lets not forget…

Haha havent seen thst in ages