Where to buy cheap hole saws?

Does anyone know any online retailers that have 1-1/8", 24mm and 30mm hole saws for a cheap price? I checked my local hardware store and they are like 10$ each and i have to buy the arbor separate too which is another 10$ :sad:. Any help would be appreciated!

Try this thread, I’m too lazy to go through it but I think there was something in there that would help you. At any rate, there should be a reason I bookmarked it in the first place… :lol:

:u: im with him

I purchased mine from http://www.woodcraft.com/

I also would reccommend the forstner bits.

I picked my 30mm up from here for $10. It is an extremely good price for the quality of the bit and ships fast:

Unfortunately, the 24mm bit on that site is backordered even though it lets you add to cart, so you may want to call first and check.

Because of this, for my 24mm holes I went to Lowes and found a 15/16ths (same thing in inches) butterfly bit for $4. These bits don’t get as good a rep as forstners, but it worked beautifully for me. Used it in a battery drill and just went slow and it made the cleanest looking hole in my acrylic top panel.

forstner bit works with any drill?


What can I use for drilling 30 and 24 mm holes on thin aluminium? (thin = 2-3 mm thick)

spade bit should do the trick

found a cool article HERE

thanks man, I’ll check that out right now

dont forget to go slow

are you using a drill press?

I will.

I think I’ll use oil as a coolant


“Anybody can drill wood, wood’s for sissies!” lol