Where to buy a mix of Sanwa and Seimitsu parts?

Hello guys, quite a few months ago you ppl helped me out picking a joystick for me. I bought a pre-modded Madcatz SFIV Fightstick with 6 Sanwa Pushbuttons, Sanwa Joystick and Sanwa Restrictor Plate.

Well, it worked out except for 3 tiny things:

I understand people being purists and liking better a 6 buttons pad. But, for example, when I wanna play Castle Crashers with it, it’s a serious problemn. I want 8 buttons.

The restrictor plate is square, I dont want it.

I tend to rest my fingers over the buttons, so I’m triggering a lot of buttons without meaning to. I wanna try Seimitsu pushbuttons.

So, I wanna buy 8 seimitsu pushbuttons for my Madcatz FightStick and an 8 way Sanwa Restrictor Plate. My problemn i, I’m not entirely sure of which are the Seimitsu buttons I can use and, the biggest problemn: if a store has the restrictor plate, it hasnt got the seimitsu pushbuttons and vice-versa.

Could you guys link me some stores, pleaaaaaaaase?

Everything you asked in this thread can be answered by browsing for thirty seconds on this forum.


Yuuuuuuuuuup. but for the lazy here we go Lizard Lick Amusements. se cavo el pedo.
and rtdzign beat me too it. HA!!!

Sorry, I swear to god I’ve tried searching for the answer.

I’ve searched for “stores”, for a big madcatz topic and so on.

Oddly, the one site I did know was Lizard Lick. This is the part I need, right?
Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate

It’s out of stock. I just put myself in the waiting list then =0

Any case in which Sanwa pushbuttons work, Seimitsu pushbuttons work. And in your case, they work. Any of the 30mm series buttons on Lizardlick will fit.

Yes, that’s the octogate for JLF-series joysticks, which is a 99.9% chance of what you have.

It can’t be 100% be?
Is this some kind of mathematical limit?

Heh. You never know if someone did some serious modding and put a JLW in there. That’s the limit.

If your joystick looks like this from the bottom, then 100% sure.

That is right.
Someone would have put it a Sanwa JLW.

Nachmanowicz got his thing pre-modified.
And he never said what was installed.

Yeah, I got it from eBay. I opened it up and checked the pieces to see if it actually had Sanwa parts in it. And yes, they were there. It was a Bat Top, also. Which is good for me, cause I’m much more used to them.