Where to buy a HRAP in retail in FREMONT, CA

Hey guys,
I’m from Brazil and I have a friend, who knows zero about fighting games, coming to visit me from the USA. He lives in FREMONT, CA and I was planning on asking him to pick up a HRAP for my PS3 at a retail store in the city. Do you guys, from Cali, could give me any ideas on where he could buy the stick for me?

I’ll appreciate the help. Thanks a bunch.

I live 10 minutes away from him. Tell him not to bother.

I think Hori Real Arcade Pro’s where never sold here at retail, only online. He will have better luck finding a Madcatz Fighting Stick SE at Fry’s Electronics or Gamestop, but I have never, ever ever ever even seen a Hori Real Arcade Pro for sale at mass market retail or I would have gotten one or two myself, and I am someone that is actively looking and into fighting games.

His only remote hope is to go to the San Jose Flea Market on a Saturday in hopes of a slim chance of that.

EDIT: Tell him to run no Speed Recklessly to Fry’s Electronics in Sunnyvale at this very second like right now. On another forum there was 2 Tournament Editions there, but if it is already night time forget it.

Thanks for the fast info man.
And what about the nearby cities? Oakland, SF?

I don’t know if they are sold in the US @ retail or not. Best bet would to look up a import game store. If your friend ends up in southern California, Japanvideogames.com has a brick and mortar store and they carry HRAPs.

Search the local craigslist. There are always a few Hrap3 there.

Hey man, i did found an used HRAP3 for 100 bucks in that website.
Since i’m not from usa, how does that work? It’s like you put your product and the person goes to your hose? Can you gimme a hand?

cash and carry…

your friend works out a place to meet, they meet up, exchange cash for HRAP. Done deal…

Actually there is a place that carries HRAP’s in the Bay Area. There’s a place in San Jose that sells HRAP’s called User-Side. It’s a Japanese electronics store. I haven’t been there in couple months but last time I was there they had them among other Hori sticks.

Your friend is about 20 mins away from there I would say. Give that a try.

Just so you know I’ve bought a HRAP 2 and 3 from there. They even had the HRAP EX’s also.

Thanks a bunch! I’ll give him a call.

'sup dude.
I googled a little bit and managed to find this:

Users Side
(408) 777-7422

655 Saratoga Ave
San Jose, CA 95129

Is this the right store? Cause i could called them and save my friend from getting there and finding nothing.

Yes that is the correct store. Keep in mind that they are a actual Japanese electronics store and speak very little English. They never understand me on the phone but when I go to the store they remember me.

But try calling anyway.

This is a great place.


I bought two from them - highly recommended.

But they arent in stock. :confused:

Two weeks.

And they’re dependable.

They even toss a couple or three posters into the box that they put your HRAP’s box into.

(And they use styrofoamies, too - your HRAP box should be immaculate, to boot!)

Yeah, but I guess my only option is Users Side. He’s prolly getting here on the 18th, he wont have the time to wait for shipping from that website.

And, is anyone ordering from them?
When will they start shipping?

I have not ordered yet, I’m still waiting

Users side is not carrying them. To be honest, im planning on buying the one from that website and, if it doesnt arive before he leaves USA, wait for him to go back home and then send me in the cheapest and most friendly way avaiable. Because the shipping to brazil, and the taxes, are as huge as it can get.

By the way, can anybody tell me how long does it take for a package shipped from that store to get to FREMONT, CA? The store is in Marina Del Rey.

From Google Maps it seems to be quite far away…

On Craigslist, you might be able to purchase it remotely if the seller agrees to use PayPal and ship - I managed to get a black Dreamcast with the correct bios cough off of Craigslist from FL, US even though I’m in CA, US.

Yeah, it seems ok, but i think i prefer to try out that store. Even so, i didnt get an exact idea on how the craiglist works, but ill try it out.