Where is the cheapest place to get a ps3 TE stick?

I remember there used to be a sticky that showed all the different places that sold the TE stick, but I can’t seem to find it anymore. Also the TE stick seems to be out of stock at all the large online retailers, like amazon and buy.com. Is there somewhere I can buy it for cheaper than retail?


There is no ONE cheapest place, best is to keep your eyes peeled and look around.
Prices changes, in some cases on a daily basis.

Tip 1: Keep looking everywhere you can

Make sure to check
The Trading Outlet
other online stores
Cregs List
Local Retailers
Pawn Shops
Thrift Stores

Tip 2: use different Keywords
While shopping on line use different key words for your searches
Even if the word do not sound relivant. Not all sellers use the same key words for there sales/ meta tag links

Example keywords:
Mad Catz, Arcade Stick, Fight Stick, Joystick, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3, PlayStation 3, Hori, TE, Tournament Edition, Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom

You not believe how many Arcade sticks listed for Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Blazblue and Marvel vs Capcom (and so on), even sticks that have nothing to do with those game series.

Its the same old logic 5 years ago that Pokemon, Britney Spears and Porn all produce the same results on some search engines.

If you don’t mind buying a used one, i highly recommend buying one from the trading outlet and supporting your SRK community.