Where is the cheapest place to buy microswitch like the ones used in Happ's stick?

It’s for ultimate/competition sticks. I don’t need much, only 50 of them. Anyone knows where is the cheapest to get them? I’m from montreal canada if that can help. Oh and yeah, I remember seeing switches that look like those at the local electronic components store, are they as good as the ones used by Happs?

Suzo sell microswitches Cherry KWJ 0,75-1$. SUZO imports part HAPP cheapen about 20-30%. I for competion Joystick paid 7,5 $, PSL-L/CV buttons 1,5$, Rotary Optocal Joystick 40$,

wow, got a quote from Terry Bell of TornadoTerrys Family Amusement Center priced at $62.35 shipped to canada. I thought the cherry switches were cheap…

Kowal, do you have a link to “SUZO”? Thanks.


I bet a good chunk of that quote is for shippiing :wgrin:

Lizard Lick also sells the microswitches for 85 cents each. Using a random Montreal postal code in the order form for 50 microswitches it came out to $58.50 total. A little less than Tornado Terry, at least… Maybe you can PM lizardlick and work out some sort of deal? They’re closed till the 27th, though.