Where Do You Place Joystick When Playing?

If you’re like me and sit on a computer chair, where do you place your joystick?

On your lap?

Me and alot of other people just sit the arcade stick on their lap i know a few people that do it on the ground with the back against a wall. But honestly for better consistancy a joystick needs to be level when you play so i while it isnt really bad to play in your lap if your joystick isnt weighted (i dont have a problem my HRAP2:SA is heavy as balls) then those suttle movements and keep things from coming out like Hworangs JF skyrocket or kara throws in sf3 i am really working on getting a setup where its a chair but then have a base protruding under neath to hold a stick at the right hieght and level. Kinda what those GT fans do with the racing chairs and there Logitech G25s but sitting upright and not in any kinda racing position

hm… on my lap if there’s no table or place to put my stick.

anyway just find a position your comfortable in.

I sit on my couch and put my stick on the coffee table. Anywhere else I just put it on my lap. I have neck and back problems so I can’t play with it on the floor.

I don’t like it when I see casuals and ppl have no choice but to play on their laps.

Maybe there might be a small market for a tripod, but for arcade sticks instead. :shake:

Depends on my stick. I play my MAS on the floor, while my PP Happ stick, T5, and HRAP2 are all lap players.

Lap, floor or on a folding chair or something of similar height. The folding chair option is my preferred choice of playing.

On my lap. Too tall to play it on the floor. Table is okay too.

Right now I have two large Rubbermaid bins, both filled with a lot of really heavy stuff, that I’ve stacked and sandwiched between my chair and desk. I put my stick on top of them and it feels perfect. It’s actually all part of a huge mess I need to clean up but I’ve been putting it off because this setup is so prime. :rofl:

On my lap, I don’t really have a choice with my current setup. Table is better though.

stackin’ random objects ftw.

i can’t play stick in my lap, feels too floaty.

i need it to be at the right height so it can take me a little bit to get a setup. I played shit at the last event i went to bc i had to lap it up. lame :]

Folding metal chair with a non slip shelf liner mat to prevent the stick from sliding around. Those rubber shelf liners are also great for coffee tables, since it prevents the table top from getting all scratched up. Especially if you’re going over to someone else’s place.

I know people who have used self adhesive velcro on the bottom of their sticks, the problem with that is you need to have a dedicated table/area to stick the velcro to. My friends used small patio tables with velcro attached to the top and it does work well, but then you’re stuck with a small patio table with a fuzzy top.

I also can’t play with the stick on my lap. The stick is not stable enough and it moves around too much. I’d just rather play sitting on the floor, if a table or chair isn’t available.

If it is a small, japanese style joystick it goes on the lap. American MAS or SFAC sticks go on the floor.

It is important to just learn to play on a chair or on the floor. When you go to tournaments, be prepared to not be accomodated for whatever exotic ass positions you need to play on your stick.

I use my MAS clone on my lap, and its pretty comfortable.

Though I’m usually either Lap or floor, either position gets pretty tiring after a while. The folding chair or table eventually hurts too since you gotta crouch over, so I’m trying to look for a good solution. Something that replicates the standard Japanese Arcade position, so you can sit and play with a straight back and have comfortable arm position as well.

Table. If there is none I’ll simply try to find one…

I find this table in walmart for$20.00 you get 2 of em

I sit a pillow in my lap and put the joystick on that. It seems to elevate it enough and somewhat stabalize it. But you obviously can’t do that in a tournament

^^^^ Nice set-up, V4MPIRO

I have a light-weight, folding foot stool that I use while sitting on my futon. If I ever played anywhere but home, I could easily transport it.

In my lap, but I should mug around wal-mart or target and just get a cheap plastic table lime V4MP.