Where do you find PCB's for xbox 360?

I have some Happ’s buttons and stick I want to put in a custom box for a xbox 360 fight stick but I am not sure where you get the PCB’s for custom xbox 360 builds.

From what I can tell most people are taking them from MadKatz and Hori controllers. Is there a place that sells pcb’s that will work? Or do I have to buy a damaged MadKatz stick just for the pcb?

Sorry for the newbish question.

You have to summon the great lord PCBius from the depths of hell and engage him in brave battle.

If you survive, only then, may you loot his hacked pads of greatness.

You have to do that shit on nightmare mode for Happ buttons, too.

(slagcoin.com get a retro arcade stick, madkatz makes them, they’re $10 dollar pieces of shit you can pick up at gamestop that are common ground and always in stock. please use search next time.)

…or pull them out of controllers. but basically you can’t just order a PCB by itself for 360. you gotta buy an xbox 360 controller and gut it.

Aren those retro sticks discontinued? gamestop no longer lists them as availablle online, my store doesnt carry them anymore, and can’t find them on amazon either.

this link is for the newbish questionshttp://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=143234

some ppl in the trade forum slang unwired/prewired pcb’s also

Retro sticks are not that easy to find in NJ/NY metro area. I have yet to find a gamestop that has them.

I don’t see them online anywhere, either.

324 W. 125th Street
324 West 125th Street
NEW YORK , NY 10027
(212) 865-1781

Palisades Town Sq.
17 West Palisade Avenue
Englewood , NJ 07631
(201) 569-3481

I wouldn’t want to go to either of those places, hah.

I did clear out lower Brooklyn a couple weeks ago.

Also, GS employees will lie to you on the phone cuz they never look and check shit. If you find a place that shows in stock online, just go, it’s more than likely there.