Where do I go to get my stick modded at EVO? Also, how long will the modders be there each day?

I was just wondering so I know where to go. I’m heading there saturday so I just wanna know how long the modders will be there.

Gummo and I are the two main modders for EVO.
You were already told in your other Thread.

We will only be modding on the main floor for Friday and Sunday.
For Sunday, we will mod in our hotel room if we want to continue modding.

On modding days, we are there from open to close.

We will be at Mad Catz.

There will also be at least one modder at the Godlike Controls booth; there won’t be any shortage of techs on hand.

Kuya_Joe of J&J Super Modding will be going back and forth Mad Catz and Godlike Controls.
networkingyuppie will be at Godlike Controls.
Vicko will rotate with Kuya_Joe.

EVO will have many Modders on floor this year.

When does it close?

You guys can do other sticks right? I looked on your thread and you guys look like you only do TE sticks mostly.

Midnight or after.

Most people have TE.
TE are the best around commercially.
If HRAP were the best selling, then you’ll see more HRAP on our page.

But yes, Gummo and I do any Arcade Stick.
Everything; Mad Catz, HORI, PDP, Sega, weird China-men, MAS, Custom, anything.


Is that even a real brand?! xD!