Where did all the feminist/hipsters come from?

Just curious…

I’ve been a nerd and playing video games my whole life…
And it just seems they came outta nowhere and took over the gaming industry.

I can’t find a gaming site without feminist articles and how women are victims in the gaming industry and all this sensitive stuff about girls. believe me, i hear them in gaming podcast. i don’t go to kotaku, i go to polygon.com. and even then, they found a way to get their sensational fluff in that site too.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m 100% for female equal rights and opportunities.
But them downplaying as a victim is just getting annoying.

Even at the opening press conference of the Sony’s PS4, gaming feminist were pissed off at Sony and calling them sexist cause they didn’t have a female representitive.
i don’t get it, i’m 27 years old nerd and i’m in the age of Alpha Hipsters in this culture.

WTF happened…

I don’t give a shit about kotaku and their white knights.
real talk, growin up my entire life.
girls didn’t give a shit about street fighter, and i supported that game my whole life.
i’m ok with that. i just played for fun with the boys.
but NOW characters like cammy are unaccepted because gaming feminist are offended?..
why so serious, i have a gf but wish she was chun li or cammy.

They came from vaginas.


Why haven’t this “movement” happen 10 years ago during ps2 or some shit…
I swear, I think its the iphone/wii that made all these people “hardcore gamers.”

I have not a fucking idea. Sorry, dude.

Frustrated women that just want to take everything that men enjoy.

Because it is profitable now. This movement is only fueled by the potential to make money.

Its not new in the least, I remember Lara croft simultaneously being praised and criticized for her representation of women in the 90s. Now, with the reboot we are living it all over again. Part of it is people growing up and finding their voices. Another facet is that there are so many more outlets for those voices to be heard. Which is a good thing. Gaming (especially the ‘hardcore’ variety) is a pretty insular community. We just dont see or hear what so many are complaining about. The commentary on women in gaming has just reached its tipping point. All these voices being amplified by so many outlets. Its hard to ignore.

Which, like I said, is a good thing. We need to at least have this conversation. What i really dont get are comments like…" Because it is profitable now. This movement is only fueled by the potential to make money. " and "Frutrated women that just want to take everything that men enjoys. " These dont even begin to address the issues, or encourage conversation.

I certainly hope these are joke posts… cus seriously? for a) money? where are the throngs of people making this cash? This movement is fueled by men and women who are fed up with being treated like garbage, hearing the garbage day in, day out and having their chosen environment be pissed in like so many community swimming pools. This is an issue that poisons our community as a whole, lessening the experience for so many, men and women alike.

and b) “DER TERK ER GEAMES” heres a lil tidbit, women have been playing and making games for decades, they arent taking anything away from you. In fact they have given quite a bit, what sucks is attitudes like this trying to shut them out. Gaming as a whole is richer because of the female component of our community. … also… Hi there I’m a frustrated Male who is looking to take my community and pass time back from the dimwits and trolls. Why is it that wanting fairer representations of women in gaming makes me a frustrated woman tryin to take something away from you… Gaming doesnt belong to you, or men in general.

For me, like many people out there, gaming was an escape from an environment where i wasn’t accepted, that environment was actively and subconsciously made toxic for me. I finally found a community who understood how shitty that was and strove to be better than that. To see that same community work so hard to perpetuate(or even just ignore the issue of) those attitudes towards women, or anyone they see as ‘others’ is just so disheartening. it can be downright depressing.

TLDR; its nothing new, youve just started to listen. we are our own worst enemies… it makes me a sad panda

There’s already an Anita thread so we don’t need another one.

I was hoping nobody would mention her. That woman is so dumb that she has a video saying how LEGO’s are sexist.

Because women can’t take a beating emotionally or physically… Take that how you will.
(i.e., my gf won’t play me in video games anymore because I’m “aggressive…” Shoulda never been poppin’ off all that good shit about Mario Party then…)

It’s a small part of a much larger issue

47% of gamers are women http://www.theesa.com/facts/gameplayer.asp and the industry has yet to acknowledge it

It comes down to the game media flat out ignoring the female demographic because they don’t think it’s popular enough to sell.

When you hear about females being moved back-cover, and how it’s difficult for females to sell over white males…it’s clear what gaming industry wants to sell.
Feminist making profit of the demand won’t matter if gaming industry doesn’t get more money.

Oh great, another feminist thread. We haven’t had one of these in a while. I am personally tired of seeing these damn discussions. I understand that there is sexism in the game industry what with executives moving heroines off of the front covers, but some feminists take it too far like that Anita Sarkeesian person.

I am on neither side of the fence. I am neither a misogynist, nor a feminist [white knights and manginas need not apply]

I would like to have a serious discussion, but it’s more fun to rile these crazy “feminists” up. Here’s a video for you

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqXi8WmQ_WM NSFW lyrics

Indeed women could be 47% of the gamer population, but how much of those women actually play games like FPS, TPS, Adventure, Racing, Fighting Games, etc.

I don’t deny that they exist, but expecting that every game should cater to them just because is dumb, specially when they have not shown interest on them in the 1st place.

Female gamers mostly play social games like Farmville, mobile games, and some games like Tetris from what I know. Part of the reason why women don’t really play the video games regular dudes play because video game companies [and video games in general] have always had this “boys club” mentality from what I understand.

I almost forgot about that one dumbass exec who commented that they can’t have a female main character because her showing interest in a guy would make the male player uncomfortable.

alright, if so before they were pissed off that lara croft had big tits and lips. lol
now, in the roboot, they are still pissed off cause shes more human, and gritty. but shes solid and strong.
they still pissed off… what do they want in lara croft?

fuckin it gets annoying. what can the world do to satisify them?
i don’t even know if they really want equal rights. they come across as a hate group.

do they want the word “female” = “masculine”?..
what about the olympics? FACT… men and women are physically different.
i’m open to equal opportunities for women, but there are just some facts the differences of the two sex that is reality…

This was already posted by Louiscipher in that other thread but I feel the need to repost this


In other words, nothing will satisfy these “feminists” so just ignore them. Also, it’s always some dumbass white woman that’s preaching about feminism

Because nerds like you will fund their kickstarters

sorry, i didn’t follow that thread… :S