Where did all the analog flight sticks go?

All I can find online is a Sanwa through Japanese Rakuten


Or Happ through their website

They’re all over $200 & I need a pair for a controller design I cooked up a while ago. I want to find a more affordable pair of analog flight sticks. Seems like decent prices ended over 5 years ago. Why?

Can I just hack together a Quickshot & an Ultrastick 360? I assume that’s not an easy proposition. Is there an easy answer?

& even more importantly, can I put 2 together with Sanwa buttons on a board I can play on PS3 for example?

Like, will those Sanwa or Happ analog flight sticks work like modern analog controllers in a modern game in a modern console?

I hope this all makes some sort of sense.
Please & thank you for any & all help & advice.

I would reach out to @armi0024 for more info on that specific Sanwa stick

See here: Paradise Arcade Shop, LED Joysticks, Buttons, Mods and more

As far as an analog stick build in general, this thread seems to have the most TT attention:

Thanks for the tip. I made a comment.

will this help?


If so, PM me I might be able to help

Sorry but I’m looking for arcade flight sticks. Like Sanwa or Happ