Where could I get a hold of an arcade stick in Shanghai?


I will be moving to Shanghai in a month, so I was just wondering if anyone knows any good place where I can buy an arcade stick?
Also is there a local scene over there? I would like to get together sometimes and beat the crap out of each other :dizzy:


You have all of Taobao at your disposal in Shanghai :slight_smile:

There’s a couple of stores that sell some overpriced sticks, but you’d better buy one on taobao indeed.


This one’s quite cheap and is very good.

And yes there’s a local scene in an arcade called Lie Huo, with pretty good set ups for SF5 and some other games.

We also have a group of some foreigners playing, you can add me in wechat: Kevin113174 for more info :slight_smile:

Perfect, thanks for the information. Much appreciated.
I’ll add you on wechat and hit you up when I get there :slight_smile:

I thought everyone who lived there just shanghaied themselves one.