Where can i print my design?

I have my design ready but can’t seem to find a good place to print. Any recommendations?

A lot of people get their stuff printed at Kinkos. It depends what you want though. If it’s an SE, Kinkos is your best bet for a lamilabel print. Otherwise, I usually recommend finding a local print shop, my local guys are great and cheap!

Hey guys what is Kinkos? Is it some sort of American printing store? Because I live in Australia so that maybe the reason. On that note, i live in Australia, where an get these things printed off? Please if you can, reccommend a shop and a website I can choose from.

You can use this if you want arcade style graphics that last a long time. It is a bit more expensive though. http://www.gameongrafix.com/

Kinkos is american, i actually went there the other day & they wouldnt print the art i wanted because it had captain america on it. she said it was copyrighted. i bet if there hadnt been a marvel movie released the last year or so she would have no idea who he was & print it for me. im now in search of a local print shop. ill have to check out that site too

Keep in the look out for local print shops that do self adhesive vinyl as well.
Quality Vinyl does better than Lamilalable

it really depends on the person doing it. some more lazy employees dont give a damn. its the over zealous ones that regulate more.

I printed out the MVC2 artwork for my HRAP stick at an office depot. It was pretty easy to do and cheap.

I just brought my flash drive to the printing center, and they printed out my photoshop file on decent quality paper. Only cost about $4. Good stuff.

yeah, thats true because i went there i few years ago to get the joker image in my avatar printed & the girl did it no problem. i dont wanna go there & chance it every time tho. i need to find a place that wont care 100% of the time…if that makes sense lol

Thanks for the advices, much appreciated, I will look into them.