Where can I find an inverter board for my LCD?

I have a 19" HP w1907 that I picked up from a pawn shop for $10. It cuts out after about 30 minutes and it has an amazing picture while it’s on (Very bright and doesn’t flicker, just turns off, but the power button remains lit). This lead me to believe that I need to replace the inverter board. The problem is that I can’t actually find the board ANYWHERE on the internet. So I’m banging my head on my desk trying to reword my searches and checking all the LCD parts websites that Google throws my way. I just simply cannot find this board anywhere.

Can somebody help me possibly by giving me the website or phone number to a local place that might keep these things in stock? I live in a small town and the computer shops around here just tell me “It’s more trouble than it’s worth, and it’s way too expensive.” Nobody even has a re-flow station here and I had to explain to one shop what it even was. (To put it into perspective for you.)

Please help, it’s driving me crazy.

Tried some google-fu, finding the part number for the inverter seems to impossible. I think your best chance would be finding another trashed w1907 and try salvaging an inverter from that.

The part number is PTB-1773.

Even still, the only places I can find it are from some odd-ball stores in foreign languages. I found one on LCDparts.com but they want 75 bucks for the thing. I was hoping to spend like…I dunno… half of that? I’m probably not being realistic but it’s worth a shot anyway.