Where can I buy those quick disconnect wirings?

I’m about to mod my Madcatz SE stick but there’s this one quick disconnect wiring that won’t come off. After many hours trying I accidentally broke the pushbutton’s connector and it stuck on the quick disconnect. Where can I buy another one of those wirings? I checked lizardlick but I only see the one without the wires.


What to do?

They always come without wires.
You will never find them with wires already crimped on.

You have to do that yourself.

You broke the push buttons prong? Is that possible? They bend like mad. You cannot buy quick disconnects with cables already connected, what would be the point in that. You buy them so that you can cut cable to the length you need, then add the quick disconnect onto the end of it. How exactly is it broke? Also if the quick disconnect is actually stuck on the prong and you cant get it off, you wont be able to get another quick disconnect onto it without removing it first.

I honestly dont really understand what you have done, but take a picture and upload it to be clear.

time to goto a 6 button setup, it sounds like, lol

Where can I buy the wires? And how do I do it? Do I need to solder cause I don’t really know how.

here is the pick


All I need is to get it off then I’m all set but its really hard.

Oh well. :confused: plays Taps

You sure you can’t get two pliers, a needle and some effort to wedge it out of there?

From slagcoin.com

I second what inverse said…

Mauser, L-Com, Parts Express, Digikey, and Radio Shack are your best friend,

Oh yeah a new microswitch, or solder to the remaining tab

theres holes in the 2 button terminals so you could easily stick a small screw driver and just pull the terminal out of the quick disconnect

You could also try widening the quick disconnect with a paperclip or something like a metal toothpick like object. Maybe a thumb tack?

Thanks, I’ll try widening it. If it doesn’t work, time to go to Radioshack.

You can’t usually find .110 QDs at places like RadioShack. You’ll either have to search a local electrical store (if they sell LCD TVs you are at the wrong place) or buy them online at places like eBay. I don’t recommend getting them at LL as they are pretty overpriced.


I don’t know if they’re .110 though. Anyways I finally got it to come off. Its still working so no need to buy these. Thanks guys


Just wondering how you got it off as I’m having the exact same problem right now.

Here’s the kind I got for my second round of mods.

I ended up liking the .110 QD’s better because they fit snug on the pushbutton terminals and you don’t have to finess or get the button terminal half-on like you do with the .187 size terminals.

The only problem is that these terminals are technically for 16-14 gauge but I’ve used them with 22-gauge without any problems…

You usually have to go up to .187 size terminal for 22-gauge use but I think that’s a recommendation rather than a fast rule. There are .110 terminals for use with 22-gauge but they’re more expensive.

A lot of the terminals online are priced at least twice what Lizard Lick and most game part suppliers charge… LL and most other arcade part suppliers charge ten cents per female quick disconnect. If you want to get the parts cheaper than that, you have to buy bags with 100 pieces in them. Shipping will come to $5 on top of the $7 you pay for the bag of 100.

Bulk is cheaper but it really depends on how many sticks you’re going to do to see if it’s worth it to you.

Anyone have a GUIDE on how to put them on?

Tryed using plyers but they fall off.

You have to get a wire crimper from a hardware store.

Pliers just won’t cut it.

Better to go to a local hardware store than Lowe’s or Home Depot – those guy will try to sell you $20-$25 tools!

The wire crimper I got is actually a multi-use tool. It crimps the sleeves of the terminal to hold the wire, it strips wire (up to 22-24 gauge) of insulation, cuts said wire, and also cuts off the heads of hex bolts. All for under $8!

If you don’t have an Ace Hardware or other local hardware store near you, Radio Shack also sells a similar multi-purpose crimper…