Where can I buy non slip foam padding for the bottom of a stick?

I have a new hori stick but this model only has a plain metal bottom.

I’m looking for a smilar soft foam padding material that the te2+ and tes+ uses.

The one used for the current hrap doesn’t stay in place very well.

You can find anti-slip shelf mats in your local hardware store and put double sided tape to make it stick to the bottom of your arcade stick.

I bought a roll of neoprene rubber on eBay, cut it to size and glued it to the bottom of my sticks.


There’s also this which you can cut to size:

I’ve tried it all, and here’s what I always use now. It feels exactly like the TE2 underside, as it’s the same EVA foam:

Or for larger size


A sheet applied to the bottom of my Agetec stick


Thickness for both sheets is 2mm

You can get Poron foam with adhesive backing. You can get it in a few sizes and firmness. It’s a little nicer than EVA, but pricier.

Thanks for the tip, I might try this out on my Panzer.

Poron is much better than EVA for compression rebound for sure, but is it really worth the extra price for lining the underside of a fightstick? I’d say only if you have spikes or scales growing out of your thighs.

Or if you like to rest the stick on gravel or thorn beds :smirk:

Hmm I bought one of these and it doesn’t feel like the same as the one used in the TES. The colour is lighter too.

My hand barely moves when I slide it on the original TES one but the michaels one my hand slides pretty easily so it doesn’t work as well.

Works fine for me. My sticks stay put on my lap. Those sheets come in multiple colors. Are you sure you got ‘black?’

Just want to say thanks @jopamo . I tried the Poron from Amazon but It felt like it didn’t work very well, it actually made my stick slide around more. But that EVA foam from Michaels worked really well and it does feel exactly the same as the one on the TE2 bottom.

I’m glad to help!