Where can I buy cheap sticks online?

I’ve been looking for stores that sell extremely cheap sticks for a PS2/PS3/PC compatible PCB and the case. I was browsing online for a Mayflash but most sites have killer shipping which ruin the deal. I already have HRAP3, but I want to have one that works on the PS2, and is easily modable. Anyone have any other suggestions?


What’s to cheap to you?

Around $20-40 with shipping included.

Some people pay this much for shipping only!


It’s never going to happen. Parts alone cost at least 40 dollars. Get at least around the $100+ range if you’re looking for a good stick.

yea $20-40 not even man not even just the case alone i spent $150+ on my sticks

Lol, well, I’m not looking for a good stick:

I’m looking for CHEAP sticks (both cheap in quality and cheap in value) for modding. I’ve read people have bought the mayflash for a total of of $40 on these boards, and I can’t find it anywhere near that price at all. I’m also interested in those Korean ones, but I can’t find any local sites that have it.