Where can I buy a TE round 2?

I’m looking for online shops that ships to Spain, but I can’t find one. Do you know any? Thanks.

PS: if this thread will be better in other place, report please, I’m new to srk.

Ordered one from zavvi.com a week ago or so. Said it would be dispatched within a month, but I got a shipping confirmation last Friday. I wasn’t in a hurry anyway. The stick costs £100 and shipping is only £1. I used a 5 off 50 code (only valid through September, I think). Google around, you might find one that is valid.

Post here when it arrives please, it costs too much money for order it to zavvi (the don’t have registered mail).

I’ve ordered two TvC sticks and several games from zavvi before. Never had a problem.

I ordered games to zavvi too, but, sometimes I read people had problems with it, and it’s too much money xD

How is 100 Euro expensive??

It’s not 100€, it’s 100 punds.

Also, anyone know another website?

Oh whoops. I misread the currency symbol. The stick in USD would be about $155 dollars.

Retail the Stick is about $149.99. You’re only paying about $6 extra. (I’m doing the comparison in USD because I’m not familiar with English Currency) And from what I see is that the stick also gets free shipping. This is a good retail price for EU area.

Unless if you’re looking for cheaper, you’re going to have to find something off of eBay. Can’t help you with the cheaper method : /

I got my TE stick for about £83 but this was back in the day. Now TE Sticks are really overpriced on 3rd party stores like Amazon and eBay. (Up to £160!!)

Anyways I’ve listed all my options. Goodluck on finding your stick!