Where are all the Fightsticks?

I’ve been looking everywhere for any edition of the fightstick (New Jersey area) and have yet to come across one. All online retailers are out, ebay is listing $200 for the SE stick. I knew the Tournament edition was going to be impossible to find, but what is up with the SE? Anyone have information as to where this shortage is coming from and when we can expect to see them in stores? Even the gamestop employees are clueless.

all the SF4 sticks are pretty much sold out. even some people who have pre-ordered it won’t be getting it til mid-march. so your best bet is to keep calling a gamestop or any other place to see if they got any left from people who didn’t pick up their pre-order. plus its a damm madcatz controller.

Madcatz can’t meet the supply and demand for any of their SF4 peripherals. You can thank the popularity of Street Fighter IV for that :stuck_out_tongue:

I heard that most pre-orders won’t be met until April-May time. You won’t really see these things on store shelves unless Madcatz decides to produce very large numbers, which by the looks of things they’re not.

I suggest to wait until the SFIV hype cools down. If you really need a stick, check SRK’s trading forum for a nice custom build.

Yeah, I figured as much. Really annoying. Mad Catz really dropped the ball on this one (AGAIN)! They had the opportunity to fix their awful reputation and blew it.