Where all da NC mind boggle playas at

… did this guy just jack paulee’s avatar?

Oh dear god.

yall know who it is… NC is great but Cali is so much betta to play fighting games…i love EVO, anyways looky here…what exatly is kara-throwing…some body told me that it is a certain range that every character has…and that it is different

oh okay so its like that then…no body in NC plays 3s, yeah right

I played there before it got closed. :sad: I played 3rd strike,MvC2,and CvS2.Did you play there also? Is there another arcade in Charlotte?

what happeneD?

dude stole your avatar he didn’t even take out the paul lee

Whats Da Big Deal?

GODDAMMIT! if it was such a big damn deal to take somebody’s avatar…then fuck it…my bad man…paul lee my apologies ta ya man…didnt mean to steal ya avatar… :sad:


get on your knee’s boy and hum “the wheels on the bus go round and round.”

That’s more like an homage right? :sweat: