When you were younger, how many of you shocked much older gamers by how you played?

I remember two instances where people could not believe that I was the one playing the game.

One instance was when I was only 12. I happened to be playing King of Fighters '97 with Athena, Mai and Yuri. I don’t recall if my opponent was playing first or if he entered but somehow his partners surrounded the game.

These people were probably much older than I was and one of them happened to notice that I was the one playing. Then he shouted out “Hey! Wait! Small man playing the game! I say it’s the computer fighting so!” I happened to win that fight and his friend later defeated me but one of his friends said “Hey, man, you played real good.”

Years later, I was about 14 when I walked up to the Street Fighter 3:3rd Strike game which had two others playing. When the loser stepped back, I at the time didn’t bother about winning or losing that much. The people here were much older and they thought “Huh? Well, maybe he just wants to play it so it’s normal”.

The thing was that I played Chun Li not because I knew how cheap she was, but because I liked how she did her Tensei Ranka. It looked really nice.:wgrin:

And I actually gave the man a really good fight. Though I lost, the men there also said that I played really good.

I guess it was because I was so young, that people didn’t really expect a child to play like that.

Any of you also had this experience?

I can remember playing at an arcade with the 4-machine SSF2 setup YEARS ago…

I got 1st with Gief, spinning fools (because no one picked Gief at all) and the older asian guys who didn’t speak english actually having to fear a young white guy. It was sweet.

Then a while later one of them schooled me with T.Hawk. …and I was humbled.

But the 4-machine setup was fucking awesome. I know SSF2 was crap, but the setup was amazing.

I got FF3 for SNES when it first came out, and beat it in 2 days…i was only about 7 or 8

When sf2 came out, it was easy to surprise niggas in the projects by knowing all the moves. They only read the sports section in the newspaper, not videogame magazines.

My Gen in A3 was ahead on my normal fighting skills at the time. Even though I sucked at combos I could do his strings like clockwork and since many of them are 3-4 hits doing them in succession used to really impress my older opponents… or enrage them.

I was beating 20 and thirty year olds at SF2 Turbo back in the day, I think I was 10 or 12 and beasting with Ryu, Ken, and Sagat. I was playing so good that one guy’s friends were trash talking HIM, “damn son, he near perfected your ass.” I eventually lost to some big black woman who spammed the hell out of M. Bison’s Psycho Crusher, but I put up a good fight. People were surprised at how good I was at MK too, and the fact that I could pull off fatalities and perfects to get to Reptile.

But now I’m just a sad old coot who talks to stuffed animals.

Not fighting game related,but my dad told me that when I was about 2 or 3 years old he went to the local Toys R Us,to get some diapers,and on the way he saw a display of the first Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Genesis,so he held me up to it and I started playing the game as normal.

Some lady and her husband walked by and then she asked my dad

“Is that boy playing that game”

To which he responded

“Yeah.He has the game at home”

He said that I beat the first boss,so at least I know that I was good enough to make it past the Green Hill Zone(Although it didn’t take much effort) at a young age.

I’ve been beasting since about 2 years old :wgrin:

KI, I was a beast, busting out killer combos and ultimates for no reason. I think I was about 7 or 8.

Some people are just natural at this type of games, like myself for instance i always been a fast learner and adapt to any fighting game. Am not saying like am the best player or anything, but i tend to do better than others, in the other hand i have some friends that keep saying that they used to play better when they where younger, i say thats a lie cause one you learn something is hard to forget, even though reflexes might not be the same:karate:

man, thinkin back, i used to always use characters with a slide and abuse it like crazy, and got punished a lot when it gets blocked. i didnt understand anything about mindgames back then. all i know was that sliding = good and getting vega’s izuna drop in on the opponent was my main goal.

i remember the first tactic i ever came up with by myself in street fighter. slide with vega in the corner into a hp claw roll.

keep in mind this was more than 10 years ago.

At about age 7-11 I was beasting at Tekken 2. I’d go to the Silver Coin Arcade, which was at Southcenter and we’d be on some Jet Li - Danny the Dog shit. He’d just place bets against kats to go against me and it’d be over.

When MK3 first hit my old arcade I played around crowds beyond my age.

I remember racking up 14 wins in a row using Kabal.

I remember going to the boll weevils, bowling alley, tilt, and other random places, kicking the shit out of teens and adults when i was a really young minor at sf2 HF, KI, marvel super heroes and XvS.

I still remember the first time i ever played xvs or even knew of its existance. it was a week long trip to disneyworld and the arcade was fuckign PACKED around the center of the arcade, XvS just came out and people were tripping out on it hardcore, expecially a fighting game nut like me. i picked rogue and ryu and proceeded to beast there, that night, and every night of my stay getting like 30 wins in a row at a time. what fun fucking times.

I think I was 12 or so and people kept on asking me how to use gems in Marvel Super Heroes.

I was about 8 in 1992 when CE came out in the arcades. I picked Blanka because the only specials I could do were the ones that required you to mash. I was playing some high schooler and totally beasting on him because I would just stand next to him when his character fell down and electrocute his ass…he didn’t know how to block obviously. He got pretty pissed off and a line started to form, but then my mom came by and took me away which killed my win streak.

lol thanks alot mom. But back in the day i couldn’t be fucked wit in Killer Instinct. Goin invisible wit Cinder, or just abusin em wit TJ Combo or Jago. No one could beat me… well maybe not “no one” but i’d have 2 be pretty unfocused to lose.

MK3… people’s jaws would drop when i pulled off jade’s massive, i think 11-12 hit rush down combo. Runnin niggaz off.

Another game… Time Killers (i think) i remember the main character wuz dis white guy wit a chainsaw and u could cut a bitch head off. “Round one… FIGHT!!!” Decapitation… match over in record time. I only played with him when i wuz pissed about sumthin. That game wuz busted but it wuz fun and gruesome.

:nunchuck: Not only beatin up on muhfuckas… but landin crushin blows to the sanity. Games today just dnt live up.

MvC1: 12 year old destroying 18 year olds(and older) in the game. I was severely hated in my area for being that good.

i remember playing sf2ce when i was 7, giving teenagers problems, i couldnt do specials properly like them but normal attacks were good enough for me :rofl:

i still try and play basic today but basic attacks are tooo week in todays games so it takes 3times as long LOL

i taught my lil bro how to do raging demon fluently when he was 6 :rofl:

20+yr old players hated me cuz i could race better than them in SMK when i was 13. LOL

I used to piss people off with Guile in SF2’ when I was like 10 or 11. I actually landed the whole Sonic Boom>Throw trick on a lot of unsuspecting people and frustrated them.