When you need help just call: Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers!

Boom! Studios announces new Disney title at panel. Comic Book Daily
I grew up on this show so it’ll be fun to read the adventures of the team again =D

Nice! Hope they remember that Zipper does actually talk English sometimes, you have to listen VERY CLOSELY though. I’ll never forget him saying “IT’S A JOKE MONTEREY!” :rofl:

Wonder how Boom! would handle a TaleSpin comic?
Gummy Bears would be easy I feel, but I think they’d best make it an ‘epic’ tale of sorts.

Considering the quality of the Darkwing and Rescue Rangers comics, I think they would handle it just well and probably even better, considering the potential of the TaleSpin series! (probably the most varied out of all the Disney Afternoon series)


This looks familiar, where have I seen this before??

Looks like the first issue comes out this week, get hype!

Is it out near you? Because in the United States I’m fairly certain it comes out in December.

Preview: Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers #1 - Comic Book Resources

It’s not in either last week or this week’s list of comics either.

First issue should be out this week! In the United States new comics will be sold this Thursday, December 2nd due to the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Ah sorry about that, I saw some preview pages and thought it was coming out then, but it seems to be Dec., sorry :sweat:
…but still GET HYPE!

First issue was fun! :tup:

Here’s a pretty funny interview of the writer, Ian Brill by the co-creator of Rescue Rangers and the producer of the Disney Afternoon cartoons Tad Stones.

Newsarama.com : RESCUE RANGERS Creator Tad Stones Grills Ian Brill

Agreed, first ish was very fun, I don’t remember a lot from the cartoons, but did Zipper REALLY have that big a family? …and I do recall M. Jack being muscular.
EDIT: Sano you did read the character’s bubbles with the voices from the cartoon, correct?

Yeah cartoon voices lol! I don’t think they even mentioned Zipper’s family in the cartoon. He was down with a Queen Bee and her Bee subjects though.

Now I’m trying to remember if Zipper was dealing with his family or those Bees in the comic… Guess I’ll have to look at it again when I get a chance…

EDIT: Yeah you’re right Zipper was with his family in the comic. Can’t believe I forgot all about that part… :blush:

Second issue was better than the first. Foxglove! :lovin: And this part made me laugh -



When Dale said he had followers on his Critter Page! :rofl:

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