When upgrading SE buttons do most people upgrade all 8?

Curious as I am thinking of getting some new buttons for my SFIV SE stick, but if I only use the 6 button layout why not just replace the 6 buttons. Or do most players replace all 8? Not a huge deal, like 6 bucks, just curious.

Depends. Some of my friends replaced all 8, others just replaced the 6 the use most, and I just use button plugs on the extra holes.

I was thinking of using plugs, but I dont like the way it looks for some reason. But would look a bit more legit playing with my friends who all own TE sticks, haha.

I don’t really use the 3p/3k buttons in game, so I just bought 6 replacement buttons. I left the Mad Catz buttons in the last two holes for menus n’stuff.

Replaced them with Sanwa because I wanted different colors to fit my stick art.

If you would buy black sanwas then just leave them.

If I was to use an SE I would drill to 24mm holes on the right hand side for LB and LT and plug the front holes.

I plug all of my tournament sticks and my stick at home has all 8 buttons. Plugs = awesome.

I upgraded all 8 buttons because I want a full sanwa stick ._.

I upgraded all 8.

As for the button plugs, you could always put artwork over it on the art mod. If you’re really resourceful, you can use epoxy (IIRC) to fill the remaining holes on your stick permanently, then, of course, the art coverup becomes easier to do.

If you put your art over the plugs wouldn’t there be lumps?

Just go for all 8. You never know when you’re going to need those buttons for navigation. Nor do you know when you’re going to decide to pick up a game like BlazBlue either.

Not if you get a thick enough material. I got artwork for an SE laminated at Kinkos, and that stuff is extremely rigid and hasn’t indented in the empty holes in the year it’s been there now.

Kelter Skelter is saying with use of Button Plugs that there be bump.

Oh yeah, didn’t read that one through properly, lol.

I replaced all 8 with sanwas, but i just ordered seimitsus