When to use Captain Sword?

Ever notice how sometimes when you do Captian Corridor xxx Captain Sword it sometimes connect and sometimes it doesn’t? Wat’s up with that? Does anyone know the timing or property of this?

Well, I don’t know any details, but some things I picked up from a long time of playing with Commando on my team:

  • it almost never works on Cable.
  • it doesn’t work well in the corner. big people might get hit by it all, though
  • if you call Blackheart before doing the corridor, it works on EVERYONE (and does hella damage)

Instead of comboing Captain Sword from a Corridor, use s.RH, I think that makes it work on Cable.

The corridor makes the opponent fly too high on the screen. Captain Sword wont connect properly if the opponent is too high; when the sword comes down, the sword will pass through them, only hitting for a few pixels of damage. When you do a regular launcher (s HK), the opponent isnt as high as if you had hit them with a corridor, which is why it does the correct amount of damage.

do it reallly goddamn fast.

if it happens to you : mash all the buttons simulaniously and do a counter clockwise motion on the stick and sometimes you’ll pop/fall out of it :confused:

it depends on how high the opp is. there is that height above the ground limit thats why when you do corridor u cancel it with C.S. and yes it works on cable

Well…it will always connect if you cancle the CC before he’s finished saying the name of it:) It works for me!

Also, you can land the CS successfully on oponents who loves to throw fire balls if you memorize their patern and perform the super the second you see the first frame of their moves comming out:)
That’s how i beat good Psylocke & SpiderMan players.

Hope that helped a little, peace:)

Sometimes it evens works after canceling from a Captain Fire.

It does work with captin fire and it does tons of damage but they can roll out of it what I do when I trip then corridor all I do is captin storm instead works pretty good.

Works well against run away Storms or trigger happy Cables.

the thing with cancelling the corridor into the sword is that the opponent must be very close to commando and the opponent cant be too high, even just above commando’s head is probably too high. what i do is 2 low kicks, fierce corridor xx sword and it works more than half the time, especially on big characters, since they dont get pushed as far as other characters by the corridor

that only works in the corner

If you want to combo the super, you’re better off using s.RH, if you’re using it as AA, do a corridor first.

And a zoning Iron Man

nope it works near fullscreen (not sure if it works completely fullscreen) - you can punish say a blocked MOB with Captain Fire XX Captain Sword even when far away - does decent damage but of course easily rollable

i wasn’t talking about captain fire into the super, i was talkin bout the trip into corridor into running super

That only works in the corner. You also need to perfrom it with PERFECT timing:)