When to stop playing?

At this point, I feel like no matter what I try and learn or how much I play, I keep getting smashed on and really see no hope in sight. I’m not really even having that much fun playing lately.

Should I just stop playing and move on to something else, or is getting smashed on a lot and feeling like you suck part of the process? When I first started playing, I was having a lot of fun regardless of the result, but now all I can do is focus on what I do wrong but I feel powerless to correct it, which of course leads to frustration, anger, and an overall unhappy experience. I want to have fun with this game again, because when I felt like I was learning and progressing it was one of the best feelings I’ve ever gotten from a video game, but lately the aforementioned muck has ruined it.

What are your thoughts?

This has never been a problem for me, but I’ve known people who have let the weight of the hardwork they’ve put into the game cause them a lot of frustration and made them not enjoy playing the game much. They eventually got over it. If you’re frustrated with the game, its honestly really easy to start enjoying it again, you just aren’t letting yourself.

People will tell you to take a break, which might help, but I don’t think its that necessary. I’m confused how you can feel powerless to correct your faults. That doesn’t make any sense to me.

1.) Cross-ups ruin me.

2.) I still don’t fully understand how to block properly, if I wasn’t a charge character, I doubt I ever would.

3.) Charge times and properly charging. I continuously either release too soon and throw out something worthless or don’t charge properly altogether ( holding down instead of down-back is common )

4.) When my opponents screw up, I can’t punish them for it enough because of the aforementioned problem. I use Balrog, and I’ll do a bnb combo like lp,lp,mk and go to headbutt and screw it up.

Basically it’s small execution problems that are boning me. If I go into training I can execute almost everything flawlessly, against a live opponent, I’m continuously screwing up in the smallest ( but ultimately significant ) ways possible and it ends up resulting in a humiliating loss.

fine tune small things and then move on? like figure out more distances to your focus attacks or look for funny situations and try those out. Like when you’re cornered and someone attempts to cross you but as they jump over you, you jump over them. Practice with real people and see how often they actually use their cross up early enough to hit you out of the air as you’re jumping back and make it work for you or something.

This is just a blah blah post, but when I get sick of these games I’ll do stuff like that and then I come back feeling like a new player.

btw I own pherai.

Sounds like you suck and you’re not having fun because you’re getting raped.

Get better.

What helped me ease into executing combos in real matches is once I get them down in training mode, get them down just as well against the computer. I’d keep playing the computer looking for every opportunity to get the combo I practiced until I executed that combo competently. That should get you going in the right direction at least.

In general, I think you need to focus more on your left hand to make sure your movements are precise. People say combos should be second nature so you don’t have to think about them, but I know top players known for good execution who said focus on your combos.

I wasn’t good at blocking for a long time, but one thing opened my mind a lot to how to block. The way I see it, there are two blocking options to commit to.

The first, which is what most players use, is hold down back, and wait for an opening. In this case, its hard to react to throws and overheads.

The second, which takes some practice, but is really important, is holding down back, and reacting to overheads and throws. You’re more likely to miss an opening, but many situations you have to wait out, and this is how you do it, at least to my understanding.

Obviously when you are knocked down, you have to make a choice based on the situation.

Pretty much. Get better or stop playing, I’m just unsure as to which I’d rather do.

Pretty much. Get better or stop playing, I’m just unsure as to which I’d rather do.

ask yourself if you would obtain satisfaction from going through the long process of getting better. Nothing comes easy in life even with video games.

If it’s really not fun, then there’s no reason to play. You’ll never make a living off it and no one will be hurt if you stop. But, it probably could be fun again. Taking a break might help. I don’t know how long you’ve been playing, but it sounds like your understanding of the game is progressing much faster than your execution, so you’re getting frustrated. I think you need to adjust your mentality. Don’t expect to play the way you can imagine in your head. Don’t be disappointed when you make mistakes, it happens. Try to enjoy the experience. Or quit if you can’t.

This is probably the best advice that’s been posted yet, though pretty much all of you have offered good advice. Before reading this, I did something like that where instead of hopping online, I just spent some time doing trials with random characters and doing Arcade mode. Doing stuff like that reminds me why I like the game and allows me to see actual progression as opposed to getting my head pounded in and getting frustrated because I know what to do but can’t do it the way I want to.

So in otherwords, I’m just gonna mess around, play casually, and just try and enjoy the game for a few days, letting myself progress at a more logical pace. After all, games are supposed to be fun, and it’s pretty hard to have fun when I’m stressing myself out about what I should be doing instead of just playing and learning as I go along.

If you can put the game in and you want to play… then keep going, and as everyone has said in many many many posts… keep practicing. otherwise if you find you dont even feel like loading up the game, move on. to each their own! i havnt even played in an online battle yet as i feel i need to at least learn a few combos and i need to be able to pull them off whenever i need them.

Maybe I’ve missed something but I haven’t seen where you mentioned how long you’ve been playing… a week? a month? a year? I think this is an easy solution. What do you want to get out of Street Fighter v how long you’ve been playing. Do you want to be competitive and go to tourneys? Well then, get ready to play for a year+ to be able to have any sort of consistency. Remember, top players have been playing since long before SSFIV was a twinkle in Capcom’s eye.

If you just want to be a casual player, then maybe online is not for you. People there want to win (and some will at all costs… Ken EX SRK spamming, etc…) Maybe you would do better to go to the XBOX Live thread and find some people who look like they are at your level and friend them, and play them in Endless battles or whatever…

Let us know what you decide.

If I ever get frustrated by a fighting game I go look at the bazillion games I have sitting in wrappers and play one of them and I’m good to go for another few weeks before I need a couple days off. Look what came out this past week… Lost Planet 2, Alan Wake, 3D Dot Heroes, Red Dead Redemption, some big racing game, hell FFXIII is really great. I’ve “pushed” on through the downs before and I believe its just better to cool off with something else. Everyone has different opinions though.

I haven’t been playing for that long, and I kinda know how you feel sometimes - I mean, right now I’m playing Juri using only normals to get a better understanding of them, and naturally I’ve lost every fight (10 in a row! Though I’ve come very close to beating some people with substantially higher PP scores, which was nice). You’d think that would be annoying, but I just remember that I’m not playing these matches to win - I’m playing them to get better, and to enjoy that process. I’m sure I’ll have a much better win ratio in the future, but it doesn’t have to be right now.

Basically, I didn’t order SSFIV thinking, ‘Yeah, I can’t wait to rack up tons of player points!’, I thought (wordlessly) ‘I can’t wait to have loads of fun and get training on this.’ It’s like martial arts, no matter how much better I get there’s always some awesome guy at a competition who’s noticeably better than me, but I just find that encouraging because I started doing it to have fun and get stronger, not to beat everyone and never lose a match.

You just need to adjust your priorities I think. Remember that improving at anything is a long process, and if you don’t enjoy the process as well as the result then you’re going to be pretty miserable.

take a break, if you have to ask this question you’re not having fun with it right now. Taking a break can help you iron out old habits and pick uo new, better ones.

damn i feel inspired im a decent player (in my eyes) i would say i win a few ranked matches and when i lose i get kinda depressed until i see that person i loss to to play him again until i feel satisfied with my results the thing about fighting games you got to set a standard for yourself and if you lose find a way to step your game up theres tons of characters which mean more options i use to play bison cuz i thought he was fun and kinda easy to rack up wins with but i started to lose to guile which made me rely on other characters.all i can say is watch videos,practice and keep this in mind your damned if you do and damned if you dont

Dont quit

Dont quit keep practicing all the time. its that simple.

Don’t give up.

Don’t worry about it dude. I have the same problem. I only got the game a couple of days ago and I have been getting my ass kicked on a pretty regular basis. I still haven’t won a match yet but today I had a major breakthrough: I actually won a round. Haha I know it’s not something to brag about but it’s still pretty good considering I was getting smashed ten minutes before. I found the best way to improve your game is to practises your main’s bnb combos. I am using Balrog as a main and I spent most of today in the training room getting his bnb down pat. The only problem with this combo if you are using Balrog is that it starts with a jumping heavy punch so I wouldn’t reccomend it against Ryu’s or Ken’s because of their shoryukens. So yeah that’s about the only advice I can give you other than this: Don’t give up just because you are in a rut; keep training and sooner or later you
will succeed.

firstly i think the most important part of the game is learn to block cross up or jump in very important if you can learn that you are 50% there
secondly have a punisher for whiff or miss attack for balrog i usually punish with Cr.st to headbutt ( knock down and ultra set up)
thirdly spacing another important factor i.e when facing ryu, zangief, vega, balrog they all require different spacing