When the programmer removed unblockables

so what they did is they changed the mirror’s attack function is it ??

They just changed how guard works. In Arcade ver.1 you can’t guard two attacks from two different sides simultaneously, in later versions you can. The Reflector is exactly the same in Ver.2 .

what about the unblockable in the corner? the one that is done by hitting the opponent from the other side with the knee drop?

It does not hit from the other side, but BOTH sides.

Why the harsh decision?

Can someone please tell me why capcom decided to remove unblockables? Is it because they were just too damaging?

scrub that complains about it says …
"DUDE , THAT’S GAY !! cheap )&^&%* "

unblockables can do INSTANT KILL …
and…unfair …

but who cares , unblockable’s important in every fighting games, it shows skillz .

unblockables is the most important key for easy victory .
maybe not …

Technically, it IS a bug. I guess they just figured it wasn’t a beneficial one, and it was easy to fix (unlike kara-throwing).


It’s funny because they think they are “fixing” the game by making a version 2, but all they are really doing is giving us a version to say "Don’t play version 2, play version 1, it has all the cool stuff in it.

Seriously, how many fighting games are played hardcore on the “fixed” versions?