When people wake up (SSF4)

Alright I play Cammy and I am going to stick with her for god knows how long. I have a question about when people wake up.

I play online on XBOX live and I see people in the tournaments who can Ground Cannon Strike when their opponents wake up. But whenever I try to do that it whiffs (timed it wrong) or I just get trollface.jpg and I get punched in the jaw and thrown up in the air.

I also see people Hooligan when they wake up but if I try that same shit happens a punch in the jaw.

How does this work? How do I mess with people when they wake up. I see them jump in and do some block strings but when i try, well you know what happens.

Also, why would I use anything but an EX Hooligan. Whenever I try to do a normal one I just get fireballs or something. EX ones seems the most reliable.

Thank you in advance.

You need to time the TKCS properly so it would be a meaty hit and they have no choice but to block. Pretty much the same situation with the Hooligan throw. If you time it correctly, you grab them, but you can also cancel out of the roll early and block for the people who like to mash DP on wake up.

Light/heavy hooligan throws go too low and get hit by fireballs. Medium will go over fireballs if timed properly. EX Hooligan is only good for punishing a fireball if you predict it, otherwise the other player will see it coming and punish you if they bait it.

But what constitutes a properly timed Cannon Strike and Hooligan?

Learn safe jumps, look up the meaning, practice. then learn safe jumps option selects.

Attacks have 3 different frame properties:

Startup - The frames where the move is beginning but doesn’t do any damage yet
Active - The “damage” part of the move where it will connect with anything in its hitbox
Recovery - The part of the move where the character is recovering

“Meaty” means you start the attack while they’re on the ground and just about to get up so that by the time they click over into the “standing” phase your attack is in it’s “active” frames. This means if they do anything except block or use a move with invincibility they will get hit.

As far as when to time it and which moves to use, you’d be better off looking in the Cammy sub-forums.