When is the best time to use Guile's ultra's?

Flash Explosion: ?

Sonic Hurricane: ?

Flash Explosion: Almost never. After a super (rarely happens and somewhat risky) or catching someone early in a jump. Or as a punish. Sometimes as an anti-crossup in the corner, though it depends heavily on timing/luck.

Sonic Hurricane: A ton of ways. Knee bazooka forward and buffer ultra…when you see the opponent throw a fireball in range, let the ultra rip. Also, as an anti-air/trade if the other guy isn’t going to land right at your feet…as chip damage to end the round, as a punish, after a trade fk, after a super, after a fadc (hard)…and more.

Thank you

chip damage in the corner, alot of times opponents underestimate the speed of it and try to jump out. boom, full hurricane in face.

First learn when to use apostrophe, then learn when to use ultra.

/Mr. Miyagi

I love the moment people fall for this

After anti airing with far standing Mp, input sonic hurricane for free chip damage if they do not have ultra/super. Similar concept with Far St.Mp xx Sonic boom, but with Sonic hurricane instead, and input sonic hurricane before they are close to the ground, otherwise they may find a gap to jump in/out.

Unless they have an ultra which lets them go through projectiles or a teleport-EX roll, it will ALWAYS work, anf they will be receive safe chip damage. Thats why I choose sonic hurricane.

Also Sonic hurricane + Midscreen > Hadouken.

Im new to guile and because of this thread it seems ultra 1 sucks? should I be using ultra 2?

Sonic Hurricane

  1. On reaction to a projectile. I usually get hit by their fireball but its worth the trade EXCEPT when you are super low on life. I’ve killed myself many times like that even though the full hit of my SH would kill them also.

  2. HK Flash Kick trade to Sonic Hurricane.

  3. LK Flash Kick anti air to Sonic Hurricane. They have to be at the peak of their jump basically.

  4. For chip damage after a knock down. Make sure you are far enough away that you don’t eat a EX DP from shotos!

As much as I liked Ultra 1, there is basically almost no reason to use it anymore. The best part is that you can combo the entire thing after a Super, but honestly, you should rarely be sitting on that much meter with Guile.

Ultra 2 just has SO many more uses, plus its safe on block and does great chip damage. Add to all this the fact that you can just charge BACK instead of DOWN/BACK to prep it, and Ultra 1 is all but obsolete. I can’t find a reason to use it anymore.

Please… U1 STILL has it’s uses. Sure, it’s the lesser ultra, but against certain characters who have no other option than to jump in at Guile, U1 is a better damage option. The drawback is the d/b charge… but the damage is worth it.

There is no disputing though, that U2 is the more versatile ultra.

I am using it Usually after an untechable knockdown. u can U2 for chip dmg when u do the untechable knockdown so. As they get up they are forced to block or EX out.

U2 by far is the most useful ultra in the game IMO.
But be careful about throwing it out its not as safe as it seems.

Everyone who’s saying U2 is free chip damage is overestimating the power of U2.

U2 takes 8 frames to start up. Everyone’s jump has a 4 frame start up (besides Gief which is 6 frames). Unless you do a meaty U2, people can jump out of it if you try to chip 'em.

If you do a meaty U2 for chip, then you have to know your opponent’s options for escaping chip. Ex: If Gief has meter, wake up EX Green Hand will punish your U2. If Ryu has meter and you spaced it badly, he can EX SRK you w/out getting hit by U2.

In fact, most of the time, if you try and chip with U2 against good players, you’re going to get punished hard for it.

Still, U2 has it’s uses. Cause it only requires a back charge, you can punish a lot of stuff way harder than you could in vanilla. You just need to go into the lab and figure out what U2 punishes. I envy new Guile players in SSF4. There’s so much stuff that I punish with cl.hp to SB or cr.mp to FK just on instinct when there are better punishes now like U2 or df.hk to FK.

You can also punish dumb neutral jumps / jump ins with U2 if you’re fast enough. Not to mention the previously mentioned fireball punish with U2. Hell, if you have God-like reactions or you can read people’s patterns, you can punish whiffed pokes with U2.

Call me crazy, I still find U1 as a better Ultra, but then I’m pretty fast when it comes to counter-attacking with an Ultra from a whiffed poke or weak link.

U2 is better at punishing whiffed pokes due to it’s range (although U1 does have a slightly faster start up).

Punishing messed up links is dangerous IMO. If you’re playing against a smart player and you punish a messed up combo or link, they’ll start leaving openings in their combos on purpose and punish your attempt to punish them. Doing it once in a while is good though.

Oh, definitely. It’s just one of those things where when I recognize a Ryu doing a familiar combo, and I know he messes it up then I have enough time to input for U1. It’s honestly just a whole lot of watching what my Guile is doing and watching the hitstun, or lack thereof. I don’t always pull it out, but it’s satisfying when I can land it.

I still have issues with the motion of U2, which is my big issue. With U1, my finger is all over the pad, so it’s easier to pull off quickly, but I still stumble with U2, and it seems like a lot of players have smartened up to the nuances of U2 so I rarely see openings to use it. U1 is good for a punish because if they mess up a combo, it’s their ass.