When does Hitstun deterioration hit Cap's BnB?

So I’ve been using Cap as a secondary on point character as I’ve used the Avengers team from time to time since Vanilla. In Ultimate he has gotten a lot better but I’ve noticed that Cap’s combos randomly drop from time to time and other times they wont. Basically a simple :l::m::h::s::u::m::m::s: Shield slash - dash forward :s:. Now at the relaunch after the shield slash sometimes they will pop out of the next :m::m: string and sometimes they won’t. Honestly I’m not sure what is causing it but it fucks me up because I think I have the combo and then I don’t. Then I start purposely dropping it thinking they would pop and they don’t. So can he do it or not? The fuck is wrong with this game :eek:

Do it faster. That’s how you get them to not drop. Hitstun deterioration is based on time. If it’s possible and drops sometimes, it’s either because 1) you do it too slow or 2) you added extra inputs (like an assist or a L). Also, minimize weaker attacks and maximize stronger attacks. Do M, H, S instead of M, M, S. There’s really no point not to if you’re going to do that combo.

Oops! I meant I did MMHS which I guess could also be adding to the deterioration. Also I haven’t tested the combos with all of the different assists I use (I swap characters constantly). Good info though.

Check your combos with and without the two Ms. Sometimes adding too many Ms will scale your combo down and make you do LESS damage than if they’re not there at all.

EDIT: If this is the case, you can take one M out, or both Ms out. MMHS can turn into MHS, MHdownHS, HdownHS, or something similar to that.

I think it’s based around both your positioning and the speed of your inputs. Depending when/where you hit the opponent there is a chance they’ll pop out if you do it incorrectly.

^ Exactly what Jint and SmokeMaxX said lol

Also if you are going to do the simple relaunch combo, do M, H, up+H as your air chain since it will do more damage.