When do YOU fall for Gigas Buster?

Have you ever played a Hugo saI who could land the Gigas on you with some measure of consistancy? How did they do it? Where you able to defend against is somehow?

I’m not going to put the fear into any opponents unless I can start landing this thing. I can perform the 720 out of whiff jab, block stun, parry, etc. from both sides. I just cant walk up or Kara yet.

I’d appreciate any and all info. Thanks!

Every time SlimX has done standing gigas against me (twice) it’s hit me! Wow. Also dash gigas is good sometimes because his dash is so short. I get a lot of people with UOH (whiff), gigas.

The only Hugos I’ve faced use Hammer Mountain, but I’m sure I’d fall for UOH Gigas or a fake meaty attack into Gigas in a heartbeat.

Why isnt this in the Hugo thread

good question.

you’d get nailed by gigas breaker when the super comes out and you’re still crouching since you can’t go crouching to standing to jumping fast enough.

I read that technically wasn’t true, actually, or at least wasn’t the whole reason. I think it’s 'cause Gigas has that “freezing” effect, like Chun’s SAII.

if you want to get technical, then gigas breaker has 1 frame start up. from crouching to standing to jumping requires more than 1 frame. so if you’re crouching and gigas comes out, you’re toast.

Gigas takes 4 frames. Opponent is “stuck” for 4 frames and not allowed any new input. Crouching/standing doesn’t affect it. If you’re in even the first frame of a jump when the screen freezes, you’ll jump out of it. The only difference crouching makes is it gives you a tiny bit less time to react and jump when -predicting- a Gigas. Once the screen freezes, it doesn’t matter anymore.

slim’s daily routine consists of…

  1. wakes up and puts on hugo slippers
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  4. goes to hospital cuz he bumps his head on the ceiling while doing standing gigas.
  5. flexes his muscle to the mailman and yell, “aye, zwie, drie”.
  6. goes to bed…dreams hugo’s big ass…

it’s very amusing.

I have been burned.

It’s not in the Hugo thread because then only Hugo players would see it. That’s the opposite of the question.

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so… quite obviously you stalk him every moment?!

She has spies everywhere. :confused:

If I had a dollar, it’d be yours.

Yeah… so landing that Gigas Breaker seems to me like a big bag of tricks. I’ve got 20 setups here, but I can never force it on somebody. My only hope of landing it is pulling out a trick they havn’t seen before. I’m trying to figure out here which ones have the best chance of working more than once, as well as which ones are common, so I can avoid them. Thanks for all te replies so far!

Personally, I just use Megaton Press. Because I’m lazy.

However, when I get yelled at for sitting on 2 full meters (hey Mike!) I pull out the Gigas, and amusingly I only use maybe 1 or 2 setups. I don’t know why this works, but it’s been good to me.

On wakeup, do a fierce clap.

Everyone knows this one. It’s like, the oldest Hugo trick ever. But it works! You just have to anticipate your opponent and be fast enough to capitalize.

If they block it, they’re in blockstun long enough to dash forward and get Gigas’d. If they know enough to get the hell out of the way, pause a sec and grab them out of the air. Any other response should get sucked in by Hugo’s Mighty Hamfists of Grabby. If they parry, IMMEDIATELY do the Gigas and it should just eat them right up. You have to see this one coming though, so I would recommend doing the first 360 no matter what happens, then do the (cough 270) followup if you see the blue flash. If not, you’ll still keep the buffered 360 when you dash.

Buy hey, really, all I ever do is bait jumps and Megaton that ish down. Grain of salt and whatnot.


And of course (duh) there’s always the idea of timing the clap so it whiffs, then they just feel like a dumbass when you Gigas them right after.