When Do Tier Lists Start To Actually Matter?

Im new to fighting games. I mean, I’ve always played fighters, however I’ve always been a casual player. But I’ve REALLY wanted to get into MVC3 so I’m starting to take notice of potential tier lists. Nothings set in stone yet, however we all have an idea of who may be at the top and who may be at the bottom.

Nonetheless, do these tier lists really affect the outcome of matches in anyway for anyone other than the pro players we see play at tourneys? Should these tier lists we see effect how we create our teams? Can the loss of a match be solely based on “well he had higher tier characters than me, no wonder he won”?

I hope you guys know what I mean, as I feel like I might be somewhat confusing in this post.

not really it goes by matchups some people have easier time then others but in games like this its much more complex dont even worry about it just play your favorite dudes and practice and learn the ins and outs with them

Tier list change with time until we near the end game. Who’s top now might not be top a year from now.

Game is in its infancy so it’s still discovery mode.

Marvel tiers are different than 1v1 fighting game tiers. It’s more about who brings what to the team than character x beats character y 6 times out of 10.

Tier lists in Vs. games are even less relevant than tier lists in 1on1 games like SF series.

There is about 50.000 matchups? (I think? 353433*2? whatever…)

You basicly got it answered, take it to general discussion please.