What's your preferred size for a two player panel?

Just wondering what size everyone prefers for a two player panel. I have a design in the works and would like some feedback.

I like a wider case for more elbow room.
What say you?

Thanks in advance. :china:

One problem, wider than what?
What is the point of refrance, are we basing this off something like a Astro City/ HSS -130 panel or is this going to be closer to a US Wooden Cab made for 2 players.

Yeah I like wide ones too, but it depends how wide you’re talking about. Design drawings?

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or a versus city.

An astro city would be a good starting point. Wooden american cabs vary a lot when it comes to sizing so it would be hard to start there.

Here’s a quick mockup I did.
This one is 36" long x 10" wide. I chose that size because I have a cutting mat on my desk that’s 36" wide and it feels like a good fit for something not too big but not sit on my lap so we can play small either.

Another version I’m working on has a separate area for a move list like the HSS-0130.

Elbow room is great, but room to the left of the stick is important too. I wouldn’t want a 2-player panel with less left-hand space than a TE or HRAP has there.

Placement can be arranged.
How far in from the edge of the plexi is the joystick on a TE?
What about right hand space next to the buttons on the 2P side? More space?

I am liking this… A LOT… Placement looks ok… would help with a scale/grid overlay to judge it…

This is what I have had in mind to commission Joe for… the big space in the middle would be great for a backlit marquee that the art could be easily changed…and open up the center and storage for cords, bagels, beers…


lol, bagels and beer?

I made my set of 2-player sticks in 2006, and I made sure to have craploads of room in all directions. Over 50" wide, if I’m not mistaken.

In all honesty, it was supposed to be a tad smaller, but I really didn’t feel like cutting up the big board that I had handy, so I kept it as-is. The seam down the middle of the panel in the plexiglass is because the sheet that I had handy could not cover the whole thing in 1 piece, so I made do with what I had on hand.

Freedom that’s cool but I feel like the buttons are up to high for me unless the stick was tilted forward like a old CE cab. I prefer something more blazetwin size/astro in a twin stick.

Actually, the top panel IS tilted downwards by exactly 5 degrees.
I’ve always liked good palm-rests on my sticks; with that set, I have more of arm-rests. My brother and I tend to play SF by leaning well into the sticks.
On the times that we’re not playing fighting games, we use the large surface as a cellphone holder-table. :slight_smile:

That’s a nice panel Freedom!

ed1371, what size grid? I can overlay it with whatever size (1/4", 1/2" grid, etc.).

I like some wrist room, but not too little.

Just seems to uncomfortable looking for me

That 50" dual sticks FreedomGundam looks long enough. Something detachable would be nice. I’m not sure if it’s done b4.

how about going with something somewhat “standard” like dimensions for 2 player vewlix or 2 player astro? vewlix looks a bit roomy-er/wider, but im not too fond of the button layout for the vewlix compared to the astro.

To be honest, the panels for candy cabs are a bit too short, IMHO of course. Not enough elbow room.