What's your favourite punish with DJ?

Just wondering what you guys use for those times when your opponent has just whiffed a fierce DP or ultra, and you’ve got all the time in the world to open up the old can of whupass. Personally I’ve been using cr. mp > MGU, or if I have meter, cr.mp > EXMGU > EX sobat/HK upkicks, but I’ve been a bit disappointed with the damage output.

I’m practicing doing a neutral jump into jumping hp > cr. hp > EXMGU > etc. Anyone else have any good ideas?

These are exactly the same punishes I use, also. Sometimes I’ll do cr.mp>MK upkicks>HK upkicks. But I don’t think Dee Jay’s punishes are that hard as his damage output is crap.

If only I could MGU dash U2. :frowning:

cr. MP > MK upkick > MK upkick, but sometimes the MK upkick won’t connect, so I’ll do HK sobat instead.

When I have meter I do cr. MP > EX MGU > HK upkick/EX sobat/dash U2

Dash U2 is too good.

is EXMGU Dash U2 worth it when punishing a seriously whiffed DP, or is it better just to U2 straight off and avoid damage scaling?

Do the raw ultra it does 500 Damage, about 30 less than the Combo but you don’t have to use meter and serious execution.

If you are close to your opponent cr.fierce xx EX Upkicks does very good damage but it whiffs if you are a bit too far. cr.fierce xx HK Sobat is also an option.

^Always do raw U2 if you have charge.

cr. MP xx MK upkick > MK/HK upkick does like 216 damage < this is probably the best non meter punish, (but sometimes whiffs randomly on chars like Ken)

cr. HP xx HK sobat does 210

cr. MP xx HK sobat does 180 I think? < this one is good if the other one whiffs

cr. HP xx MK upkick > HK upkick < works on some characters, does the most damage

and cr. MP xx EX MGU > EX dread does 298 < always good

cr. MP xx EX MGU > HK upkick does 254 or something like that. < always good too

I’m jealous

my favorite:
cr. lp, st. mk x ex mgu > dash ultra 2 (just for stylin" and if i’m feeling lucky)

basically what everyone else stated. mayeb a cr. mp x mk upkicks, hk upkicks to move them closer to the corner.

I only use DeeJay for fun (as I main Sim), but my favorite combo is linking ex mgu into ultra 1. I’ve never seen anybody use it, probably indicating that it’s a weak ass combo, but I love it lol. Also, cr.mp > ex mgu > ex sobat.

Corner combos with DeeJay are gdlk

Nobody uses MGU > Ultra 1 because it does S#!T damage, it doesn’t connect on all hits and if you time it wrong your opponent will get up while you’re in recovery frames. It’s only good as a match ender.

Seeing as how I rarely ever use Ultra anyway and how crap Ultra 1 is for going through fireballs (really…) , I think I’m gonna stick w/ Ultra 2 for now on.

What have you guys been using to punish dps that fly underneath your cross-ups?

More specifically the ones with a lot of horizontal movement like Cammy’s?

I’ve been settling for dashing up, sweeping, and continuing the vortex, but I feel like I could be directly punishing them harder.

I’m just not sure if I’ll be able to dash up to them, start attacking, and build charge quick enough to cancel into a special.

So, best punish is cr. mp x mk. up kicks x hk up kicks??
Does this whiff on certain characters?

^ without meter yes. It doesn’t whiff on anyone if you time it right, and its easier to do on big characters I think.

Also MK upkicks > MK upkicks does the same damage as MK upkicks > HK upkicks, yup.

It really depends on the move. Against a cannon spike by Cammy, dash > slide is probably your best option. You could probably EX sobat, but I can’t see why. Against shorter DPs like Ryu, you should be able to dash in and do something like cr. lp > cr. lp > cr. mp > mk upkicks > HK upkicks, using the first three hits to build back your charge. I’d have to test all this in the lab though.

I usually dash up st. mk, cr. mk or dash up st.lp, cr.lp x2, cr.mk. Then I get right back to the vortex. And I beg them to make the wrong guess again.