What's your favorite modding tool?

Looking back at my toolbox I missed a very important tool used while I mod…

Beer always helps with mods…

My favorite tool is the experts here in the tech talk thread. D3V, JDM, Toodles, Darksakul, Gummowned, and the many others that help us noobies out on a day to day basis. As far as physical tools go tho, X-acto knife for me. Needle nose pliers are a close second.

Oh, you play the Drunk Modding Game too Joe?
I did not know that.

Who doesn’t play that game?

is there any other way to mod? haha… always less complicated with beer… and a multimeter… but beer especially…

And that sir is why you went blind and lost an arm.

I should probably make a flowchart for myself that ends with “Dammit d3v, you’ve been watching too much Top Gear/Home Improvement/ManLab again.” Actually, better yet, someone else can make it for me, just to be fair.

Hahaha, I approve of this thread.

I dunno what’s worse… that I recognize that as Miku-pan, or that I can tell you where the image comes from (it’s from a multi-pane collage) or who the artist is.

So Tech Talk, what is your favorite tool in the whole world that you like using when you mod?
This can be for any electronics mod or even tools used to build Cases.

For me, it is none other than my trusty Helping Hands.
Sure, I use my soldering iron a lot and my life depends on it.
But it cannot do all the nice holding of things that my Helping Hands does.
My soldering iron cannot hold a PCB for soldering like my Crimper can.
People drop their mouths when they see how I use a Helping Hands.

Oh such a dangerous side it has.
With its alligator clips, not being able to get it off my fingers if it clamps down sucks.
It can also break off at the clip and I burn myself with my soldering iron when I am not careful using during the Drunk Modding Game.

Thank you d3v for making that 100% correct Flowchart.

I remember stumbling across this thread a while back and it is actually very informative for a beginning modder like myself. I noticed all the love for dremels and would like to know which specific dremel you guys use. I’m not planning on doing anything heavy duty yet, just looking for something small to start off with. I see that amazon has the dremel trio for $60. What do you guys think of it?

Today I dremeled a door, an air compressor and a water hose. :rofl:

soldering iron. well, not really my favorite, but i can honestly say that it is the most vital piece of equipment for mods. Without it, I wont be able to complete 90% of the mods.

runner ups are multi tester and wire stripper.

I’m so glad I’m not alone.

On a more serious note, if two members of shoryuken are home alone, modding their stick while having a drink, do you think we can say they’re drinking together?

this is google plus

so many different bits can be used aswell. i vote yes to the dremel