What's Your Favorie MK Game?

mines UMK3 and You?

What’s with all these MK threads lately? MK2 holds a special place in my heart though.

MK2 and MKDA captured that mysterious eastern feel IMO
MK3 had some techno-casual setting, MK4’s setting was basically a tribute to MKM and arenas werent too epic because of that time’s 3D technologies.
MKD and MKA had too much “some-factory-just-for-a-cool-stage-fatality” stages, and their music went downhill too.
MKvsDC, well it has more DC’s arenas and overall feel than MK’s

Hivemind. One thread pops up about something that no one has talked about in a while and that causes more threads to pop up.

It’s happened with the latest DBZ game thread, the VF5 threads, and now MK.

This thread is just going to be:
UMK and blah blah whatever reason [random dude] doesn’t other MKs.

Anyone here still play Battle Raper? Got any high level Mikado match vids?

A favorite topic? man this kinda shit gets old even on GameFaqs…

I was gonna post the same thing, didn’t we just have a MK topic…

And yeah, MK II. Before the dial a combos, too many alities, agressor bar and running. Just pure unbalanced, glitchy fun. Back when it was still badass and not a joke.

I still think the only cool thing to come out of the later MK’s was nightwolf.

^ Nightwolf owns T.Hawk imo.

Mortal Kombat II.
I think I like the Character Select music from the first Mortal Kombat best.


Seems like is the topic of the week, the same happened with DBZ, I don’t mind though, I like seeing some MK love.

My favorite has to be UMK3, since is basically the only MK that I have been able to play with other people, thus I enjoyed it more than the other games, but actually I enjoyed all the MK games in friendly way, doing fatalities and all that stuff was fun 10 years ago. Is a shame that the latest 3D MK games were horrible creations from the abyss.


Anything with Cage in it, although 3 got everything else right. The MK series needs more over the top insanity again.

People care about more MKs than MK2 and UMK3? :confused:

Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance.

Yes. I will be the odd man out.


Great analogy. I likeit.

IMO top 10 could be in this order (non adventrue only 1 on 1) :

1-UMK3 arc
2-MKT n64
3-MK4 arc
4-MK II arc
5-MK DA ps2
6-MK I arc
7-MKvsDC 360
8-MK gold DC
9-MK A ps2
10-MK D ps2

My top 5 would be:

  1. UMK3 arc
  2. MK2 arc
    3 MKT console
  3. MK4 arc
  4. MKD xbox ( Yea I know it wasn’t that great but still had fun for like a week on it)

Shaolin Monks

Mortal Kombat Trilogy… N64 or PSOne version, it doesn’t really matter to me. I’m of the opinion that the crazier and more broken Mortal Kombat gets, the more fun it really is.

This too. Shaolin Monks is definitely one of the best co-op games of the past generation. With two decent players you can go totally nuts with team combos.