What's your CP on VEGA?

*edit sry i mean BP

im around 4800 for vega but highest i got to is 5300 with him

but then i can lose all those point if i stop playing him(i play well depending on my controller’s mood :confused:) I use control pad, but i got the stick >.^ only use it for ryu

and my PP is around 1800 if i keep playing with vega for 3 hours…

If i play with anyone else I’ll deplete those point in couple of games… -_- currently I’m switching from chunli to vega…

funny thing is i don’t get any of you guy’s dialect until today(ex: mk, j.rh, f.mk)… just to shows how inexperience i am(scrub :lovin:)

I don’t think im that good but with ranking like that, for Vega player I’m ok right?? when i see other Vega play… they’re 10x better than me, but they have lower CP+BP than me… wth…? someone enlighten me on this?

AND i only play ranking

Points mean squat, some of the guys here don’t even bother playing ranked because it’s a waste of time.

A lot of people only play either offline or endless battle because you learn a lot more when you play the same person more than once. I currently stand at something like 2155PP/2000BP with one account and 2100BP/1700PP with another. I really can’t be bothered trying to play ranked anymore because it only makes you a little frustrated because you get all the lag and turbo monsters.
Endless is generally where people play more seriously and because they WANT to get better than just farm points all day.

I have zero PP and BP. Man I must really suck.

Even though points are not nearly an exact gauge of skill (nothing is), if you have a good connection ranked mode is still valuable, and players like Joz who climb to the top still deserve respect. I’m pretty tired of people criticizing and blowing off the points system, OF COURSE it’s not a perfect gauge of skill, but what can be? It’s about as good as it can be made.

My favorite thing about ranked mode is that it lets me find other good 10,000-20,000BP players very fast, and usually those players are more than happy to play several ranked games in a row. Even at big offline events like the Northeast Championship XI, and local tournies where strong players like Dr. Chaos and Josh Wong show up, the majority of players seem less skilled than the people with around 15,000+BP / 3500+PP. I went strait from being an online warrior to being able to beat some serious offline players, and all of the online practice payed off in my case. Playing for points helped me learn to stay calm, smart, and patient in fights where “something is on the line”. I don’t jack up my points either: if I find someone who can always beat me, I have no problem fighting them 15 times in ranked because I’d rather lose points now than money later.

Offline, I try and participate in as many relatively local tournaments as I can, but in between them all I have is online for about 2 weeks strait, and so I sometimes still do online tourneys and moneys matches in those weeks, because I enjoy them. In the uncommon case that I have to fight in significant lag, I know how to do that, and having that skill even payed off offline when I had to fight on a laggy display. It kind of teaches you how to fight things when you have a late reaction, and you pick up on how to demolish someone who can’t react fast enough. You learn most aspects of all of the matchups, and you pick up some Jedi-esque yomi. Yeah, its not Street Fighter BUSHIDO, but BUSHIDO is only for people who want to fight a certain way. I’m ready to fight by any circumstance.

i got to 5000+ BP with c.mp alone not long after i got the game… i dont play ranked anymore…

Epic words to live by

The one reason I’m uberly put off ranked is the amount of ragemail I get. Annoys the living crap out of me. oh and 16k BP Turbo Abel’s who then harass me when I post up and call them out about it on youtube.

wha…? but who else do i play with if i don’t play with ppl onlien

all my friends think street fighter is dumb… they rather play smash >.<

and its pretty discouraging when they keep losing to me especially if i play 1 character all day… then i have to play other boring character…

iono i like playing online cuz ppl have to adjust to vega’s moves…

People have to adjust offline to Vega aswell if you play him in a diverse way =/
Play online, just I wouldn’t really say points is an accurate measure of skill.

I’m pretty sure I played you today. While I don’t consider myself to be gods gift to Vega’s, you played solid. I usually sit around 5000 BP and 1000-2000 PP. If I remember right, and I could be wrong because I played a couple vega’s today but I think I beat you and then you ran over me with chun li…god I hate that matchup.

I had like .3800 PP and 13700? BP
IDK, but online is ??? If you dont know hwat you are looking for its not going to do much. It is a great way to learn how to deal with random unsafe moves and prepares you to be prepared all the time to react to random stuff, like AA all the time. Ive learned to punish so many things that are not usually punished, and now with Gen if gotten to the point where im punishing moves like

Dan EX hurricane kick
Bison’s Psycho crusher
Blanka’s horizontal ball

with Gen’s Ultra 1 in crane mode. So it teaches you reactions, although Call of Duty MW2 was the best at that.

So online is so lame that ive stopped using Vega, ive actually learned to use a few characters outside of Vega to an OK level.

On my alt account (where I only play with Vega) I have 5000 BP and 4100 PP

Wags E-penis around

Also Pedo’s sig is hilarious.

Dude ur on the VEGA forum of SRK lol, they’re loads of people u can play here bro! All of my friends, with the exception of maybe 1 or 2, r FPS heads who think fighters r gay lol so all I have is pretty much online. My Vega’s at 11k BP and im at 3100K PP but I hardly play ranked anymore.

A lot of us from the Team Vega thread get together pretty much daily and duke it out for a couple hrs in endless. We also have a nice chatroom going , its lots of fun and we learn tons from eachother. (Footsies, zoning, countering, different char matchups u name it) overall its an awesome atmosphere and if anything else u meet a bunch of really cool people! I’m gonna add u to my fl man, try to make a session.

PP was around 2.4 or something
BP is around 3.4

Win percentage below 45% (I think it’s quite funny)

Lately though my friend has been jacking up PP and BP when he plays his Sakura in ranked.

I’m like 3100 BP 1900 PP. I’m so sure I’d be much higher in no time if I didn’t play with HD TV Lag + Online input delay -_-

points dont mean shiiiiiiit

Ive got 45,000 bp and 12,578 pp

and I’ve only played the game for a half an hour…blindfolded…

seriously…they are both VERY low right now because i’m pretty new to it, but i play for fun and to get better. I come from the old school arcade days when there was no bp or pp coming into a match. Just two players trying to win and have fun.

all you new guyz…add meh! xbox or Psn GSYNTH!

PP: 2002
BP: 4595
Matches: 700 and something matches. =\

(Just got this game and console a week or two ago)

@ gsynth. Sounds good ill add u next time im on.