What's wrong with guilty gear xx reload's release on psn?

I mean, i’ts been out since weeks on xbox arcade but nothing yet on psn…? I can’t find any reason on the internet… is it canceled? Are we being forgotten? must I order it from jap psn?? (wich has it, surprisingly enough (jap psn is some kind of superior psn???)).

It’s getting on my nerves

Sony doesnt want you to play the game for one day and quit it because its not scrub mode.

This should be in Fighting Game Discussion.

K sorry, I thought this was a fighting game site/forum

Its not.
This is a political / Religion Debate Forum.

It’s coming Dec 4

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[INDENT=1]“This should be in Fighting Game Discussion.” don’t worry[/INDENT]


No ones trolling here. Also keep your Pic only no word responses out of here.

my picture is still less empty than your answers tbh…

my answers are pretty full of life with a hidden meaning.

The hidden meaning


Spend more then 1 second to look for the right section to post this shit in

WTF is this doing here…

You can download it through the Japanese PSN store. My buddy did it and we’ve been playing nonstop since.

The only hidden message in your answers is that you are a jerk, sir.
And yes, I posted in the wrong place, sorry for the shock, can’t do anything about it now.

New member comes in, makes a thread in the wrong part of the forum, then calls other posters trolls?

Godlike mixup there OP.

Haha, can’t wait to do so too.

But I feel like it’s gonna be out on regular psn the very second I’m ordering it from the jap psn. I’m not sure the online mode will be compatible with usa and europe servers. plus there’s a story mode :confused:

At some point I’m going to get tired of posting this…


no one in GD can tell you because no one in GD plays fighting games

just one :wink: