What's with the increase in yang players?

I’ve been noticing more people, including myself, using yang lately in the arcade and in online match videos. Any reasons why?

my hypothesis:
because snk fanboys are ditching KoF for 3S and yang plays like iori

Yang is like drinking Pabst over Bud.
He may be cheaper, and cool cause he’s harder to find…but man does he give you the sh#ts in the morning.

yang is sick

this is the only reason. people are only comprehending this now. there’s your answer.

Yun stuff can be carried over to Yang. Having played Yun for a long time, not only do you have some tools to work with for Yang, but you’ll also want a change of pace. It’s like playing Sean. You don’t really want to, but you got tired of playing your current Shotokan.

#2 Have you ever played KOF? ROLFMA

the game evolved, he ll get overexposed again trust me.

i ve been placing top 5 with him for the past year on the ec, justin is…cheap…
just kidding, nah tang is good, smoke bud and believe, you GOT TO believe

I’ve been wondering this for a while - is it “KoF-Fiend” or “KO-Fiend”? Or “Kofi-End” maybe?

KO now, was KOF before

btw- how does iori relate to yang besides the 3 hit special? even in loose translation, iori is WAY faster than yang can ever move

Are you quoting Mark Wahlberg’s second album or Parappa the Rappa?

pure croyd.

HAH! cool av

the mantis slash = 3 hit special
+plus they got the same hairstyle

oh shit KO plays yang in the latest gvision ranbat!!

gvision.exblog.jp GOGOGO!

K.O’s Yang rocks

edit: nm, torrent is working for me now

is he just moving up the tier list or is everyone just looking for a change?

Yang has never been low on the tier list. He’s quite a good character, I would rate him high-mid or even high. His only really unfavorable matchup is Ken, and that’s not even near Alex vs Chun level; and he is quite deadly against many characters.
It’s just that it takes a lot more dedication to play him effectively than Yun. Getting very good is not easy with any character of course, but in the beginning phase you can suck with Yun and still steal rounds against decent opponents (not the best ones of course)by whoring GJ; this doesn’t apply to Yang - even though his combos are easier to execute for a beginner.

Yang is cheap. Mantis is cheap. God i hate the brothers.

because kofiend is a fucking monster. that is all.