Whats with all the tech hate (and i'm not just talking about games)

it’s crazy these days. you got cod fanboys, Microsoft fanboys, even band fanboys.
Where is the love??

Bands are tech?

I think you need to start listening to groups with better singers…

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is this new to you?

yes! i never see this where i go, it just occured to me when i was watching the tekken 6 stream

I think band fanboys are called fans.

no i’m talking about “Tenacious d kicks soads A**!” fan boys, not like “ohhh you got tickets too” fanboys

Who gives shit? It only matters when their hate is legit…like hating on Apple Products for being over prices and lacking obvious features such as flash support.


not when it destroys personal enjoyment, you wouldn’t want your teacher to say “my pencils are better then you crap-ass pens”

How the fuck does that shit matter in the slightest? Does the product you bought do what you want it to? Yes? THEN WHO GIVES A FUCK?!

And I would hope my teacher would be more concerned with teaching me about a subject of worth knowing instead of talking about her stationary pencils and how much cooler they are then my bic pens. No wonder so many people are unable to read properly.



in the spring

Well the hipsters use to shove all their tech in your face
Like OMG dude, I cant Upload a movie onto my phone/mp3/Name it!

it was douchy for a minute to have so much tech–member—

but since people can’t buy shyt anymore, they are loving everything, lmao, broke ass niggas!