What's up with my reactions?

I’m checking my reactions on my profile and it’s coming up with posts by “System”

Most of these posts are dated years back and they’re definitely not mine.



Same thing here, everything is showing posts by system.

Lol, is the web admin trolling us? Same mess here as well!

Same for me. The posts are actually older than the account. It’s randomly taking credit for other people’s posts. I saw one post it claimed but was really Dasrik.

Exact same thing with all my reactions. They’re all someone else and 7-8 years old.

It’s kind of surreal.

We are all one.

Somebody ban System.

He is hacking everybody, and he is a massive spammer who has accumulated 500,000 posts within a short amount of time.

So this reaction mess is a site-wide hiccup it seems. It’s been a weird couple of weeks here with the barrage of bots and this reaction thingy happening right now and stuff

The reactions issue is fixed for now it seems. It was probably just a temporary forum issue

I always thought that “system” was a generic name given to users baned long ago before the crash or something like that, lost in de database IDK so the forum just labeled them like that.