What's the verdict on the input lag for ps4 fighters?

opposed to the high lag on ps3.

Considering that the only games that suffer from lag on ps3 are SF4 and mvc3 you can get the idea

This, PS3 was always a better system for all the fighting games except the capcom ones IIRC.
From what I’ve heard at the very least, PS4>XBONE

I see, I was under the impression all fighters had higher input lag on ps3 than xbox 360. HD remix on ps3 is terrible.

Capcom sucks monkey balls at optimizing their games for the consoles that are not the leading console.
It is why both SF4 and MVC3 series suck compared to their 360 counterparts and why SFxT sucks on 360 compared to the PS3 version.

Stupid capcom Smh

Its not out yet.

SF4 runs faster on 360 than arcade.

I recall there were some theories that attributed to how NVIDIA and AMD handled v-sync differently with the platforms on NVIDIA GPUs (arcade and PS3) having delay due to v-sync and the AMD platform (XBox 360) not having v-sync due to the AMD solution not working well with the engine, hence the lack of input lag from v-sync.

How many frames was that it was faster?
IIRC it was around 1 frame, while the PS3 was 1 frame slower.
Also i think that the input lag on ps3 was around 1 frame too, which imo is negligible but you know how drama queens some tournament players are those days

Going to agree 1 frame is a small difference. I remember suggesting Super Turbo on Dreamcast and many simply did not own the console or weren’t interested. One frame difference too than the arcade.
The home version even runs smoother than the arcade counterpart that is plagued with slowdown.

IIRC, PS3 was 1 frame slower than arcade and 360 was 1 frame faster.

I’m worried that the potential input lag on ps4 for sf5 is going to carry over to PC since they’re going to be linked over the same network.

Then it wouldn’t matter since there would be no difference between versions.

The issue is that the PS3 had lag compared to the standard competitive version which was arcade (and since we couldn’t use the arcade version in console tournaments 360 got used instead). There will be no such issue with SFV since the standard competitive version is the PS4 version.