What's the next step?

Okay, let’s say XII does well for SNKP, they continue bringing us solid 2D titles into the next decade. Hopefully on that journey they resurrect an old franchise or two, and finally create a new Intellectual IP. But here’s a good question:

Other then adding more characters, what would make KOX XIII any better than XII? I know not everyone has experienced XII, and this may be a little premature. But I think it’s a valid enough question.

My idea is that XII is supposed to take things back to basics, then XIII will be more like 98; you know, multiple super bars, Critical Counter mode, an oldschool mode, (maybe a hybrid of Advanced and Extra mode from 98), Garou mode (Just Defend plus whatever else), and a custom mode.

Then after this, I think they may as well go all out and create a KOF that features every possible character from the series, and may just end the series with a bang. They could still create spin offs featuring Kyo, Iori, and all new characters.

New and ‘innovative’ gimmicks, of course~

Hmm, a UM version of XI would be cool, revamped with new characters, stages, music and lots of tweaks to the gameplay. The style of KoF introduced by 2003/XI could be great, SNK just needs to work on it a little more.

I don’t want XIII to come for a while…98/02/xi/xii is more than enough right now.

XI um sounds like a nice idea also.

If XII does well enough to justify more games of this type then…

XIII should be here by no later than 2012, to be honest.

KoF XII may prove to be a great game, but it just seems incomplete due to what SNK has done, and has been able to do in the past. Now I understand that they’re using completely new assets, and as such, they have to rebuild everything from the ground up, which is why I’ve curbed my misgivings over XII’s small roster, and scaled back character elements.

However, it seems apparent that XII is the test bed, and once XII is a proven success, XIII will be announced, and it’s probably in preliminary development as we speak.

I also like the idea of a XI: “Unifying” Match. Give the game a few balance adjustments, and some new features, you’ll have a real winner on your hands.

i really hope that snk wont come back to the switch system :tdown:

they need to focus on one game ie kof 12 needs to be updated and patched accordingly. they could assentially keep this game(kof12) going with adding chars and stages untill the next nexgen consoles come out imo.