Whats the easiest way to D/L youtube vids, the least fuss involved

I know there are threads but I seem to download, then I need to change the file to .flv or add that word at the end or some crap

and then convert that.

I mean all I want to do is d/l and watch, if thats not possible what is the least fussy way with the least work involved

Thank you


If it doesn’t work just go back and try again…



you sure this works, I tried it 5 times and all I see is headed error

The program i have is extremely easy. Highlight and copy the url , and just click the program on your toolbar , choose where to save it , and a few minutes later its saved as avi. No stress at all.

Heres the tricky part , i dunno where i found it. Its called Vdownloader tho. Search it i guess.

Edit : http://www.vdownloader.es/

It worked as an AVI file, from the 2nd post BUT what do I need to play it as I D/Led DIVX but it doesnt seem to work

Forget all that conversion crap, the best way to download those streaming videos is just to install the new real player.

It’s the best and easiest solution.

try this:


its pretty much all you’ll ever need as far as watching vids…