What's the easiest and/or cheapest way to record Street Fighter 4?

Not sure if this is the right section

Anyways, like the thread title implies I want to record some crazy technology I found with Ibuki in training room but I don’t know where to start.

The best way is to get a capture card, but they are about 200 bucks. If you want an easy way you can have a video camera and videotape your tv, but the most efficient way is to get the game on your pc and download fraps.

I’ve never thought about that. AE is out on PC too, I think I might want to do that instead.

Thanks man!

You can get an HD capture card for around $200, but you can buy an easycap for $10.

It certainly isn’t great but it works. I believe AverMedia has one for around $80 that does HD as well but you need a good PC to record HD without it dropping frames.

dazzles and stuff like that may seem like a good idea but dropping a couple bucks on the pc version and fraps aint bad. Plus colony PM about fraps I have a version to share.