Whats the difference between a guild, a faction, a league, a legion, a great house

…and whatever other similar words there are that I forgot to mention?

the spelling

And pronunciation.

And the meaning as well.

And the number of syllables.

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Guilds are collections of WOW players
Factions are red
Legion is a ball of corpses
A league is a measurement
A great house is a nice place to live

semi serious
legion is almost always a military or at least violence related group

You don’t own a dictionary? I’m sure you can find one somewhere in that college you’re about to be kicked out of for failure on all possible levels.

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from what I remember they seem to be the same thing. all of them are just groups with their own interests. there may be subtle differences (ex. like one guy said legion = military/violence related). use a dictionary to find out what those subtle differences are. i suggest the free dictionary.

guild: seems to be about protecting mutual interests
faction: minority of a larger group
league: seems to be more about an alliance of different groups, rather than one giant group
legion: army

I guess he knows what a clan is.

Throw the wrong gang sign when you’re talking to one and the difference will become painfully clear.


Do Great Houses from fictional settings like Morrowind and Final Fantasy 12 have any relation whatsoever to the House of Representatives or the House of Burgesses?

By the way, what is the difference between a clan, a cult, a deity, and a denomination?

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The same as the difference between a band, an association, a brotherhood, a clique, a clan, a gang, a company, a division, a squad, a patronage, and/or a troupe. That’s all from the top of my head. Walking thesaurus over 'ere. :tup:

Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary

A clan is pretty much a guild where members are married or related by blood
A cult is a religious group held together, usu. under the guise of unconditional love and caring

the other two, I dunno and I don’t care, not jumping in anymore, there’s your dictionary. if you want to learn, then… try

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