Whats the difference between 100PPI and 96PPI?

So I was looking for Layouts to build a custom Fightstick and came across Slagcoin’s guide.
I have decided to go with the generic Vewlix layout, but there are several options:

100 pixels per inch

96 pixels per inch

What’s the difference between them and which one should I use? They look very similar.

PPI = pixels per inch.

This is in reference to printing capabilities.
If your printer/document is set to print at 100 pixels per inch, then the the 100ppi will get you the proper size in the end.
Any PPI that doesnt match the document/printer will get you a final print that’s either too big or too small.

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alright, thanks a lot!
one more question though: do you know what the most used button layout is?

Most “common” is the Vewlix just because it’s on the majority of commercial/retail arcade sticks.

Most recommended is generally the Astro P1 layout.


Hmmm. Why the P1 instead of the P2? I don’t even know what the differences are, I just got curious because the Panzer 3 and 3i (non-aluminum) use the Astro City P2 layout. :stuck_out_tongue:

The P2 button layout is just like the P1 layout, but rotated counter-clockwise just under 10 degrees. It’s to accommodate the slightly cramped player 1 and player 2 seating arrangements on the Sega Candy cabs.

As to why it seems to be more recommended, good question. I myself normally use neither the Vewlix, Astro P1 nor the Astro P2, so what do I know. :slight_smile:

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