What's the best way to train for this game

[/list] A. is it practice combos on practice mode
b. just play vs aginst the computer when you don’t have time for the arcade to fight people
c. play arcade mode at the highest level

   d. just watch other people play the game and then study them

  you choose please and tell me which one you think is the best i'm tryin to see what's the best way to be good. now personally i've done all of them but i want to here what's your way of training at this game. So i can understand the  pro's or good players of this game better.

my bad actually folks C. on the poll should also have what wrote on the post so there both in the same section just different things it just meant play arcade at highest level and play aginst people that what C. really is sorry folks.

  1. Play the computer to learn the basics
  2. Watch good people play to understand the game better and learn some tips and tricks
  3. Play people your level and try to use those tips and tricks
  4. Play the good people eventually beat their asses.


wat i did when i first learned characters was studied them. im not kidding. read every gamefaqs guide there is. ur on game celebecy. u need to memorize this stuff. then once u think u got it down. test urself. say to ur self e.x.“that urien combo was c.hp, hk tackle, ex tackle, hk tackle right?” and if ur not sure then u need to read again. once u know this dont expect to be bustin out 40 hit oro combos like mad ;). take it slow. play comps for a lil while and watch a few ppl. learn how to punish ken players (90% of the world) whenever they try the same crappy j.mk or hp shoryuken. learn the structure of the game. and if you want to learn something new, repeat the process. worked for me. now im doin pretty good with ryu. i’d reccomend starting with him to. annoy your friends when u stun their gouki’s with 2 j.hp, hp, lk donkey kick. and have fun with it. when i said study i meant read up. never take the game too seariously or u wont have fun. and u wont learn unless u have fun. and feel free to ask me or any other nice ppl on srk any questions u have. i can answer most things about most chars cept dudley, makoto, or ibuki (i play every1 but them) hope i helped :slight_smile: