What's the best PS4/Xbox One adapter out right now? Is it preferable?

Hi there guys. So I’m getting an Xbox One and thinking of jumping into Killer Instinct and am a stick player for Street Fighter and pretty much any fighting game I pick up. I just don’t want to have to spend an extra 200 bucks on a new Xbox One stick that I’m probably only gonna use for Killer Instinct (because to my knowledge that’s the only real exclusive fighting game the console has). I know that I’ve seen guys like Momochi, Infiltration, and Xian use their Razer Atrox’s at SF tournaments using the PS4 version so I’d figure they’d likely be using some form of adapter (idk how sponsorship works but I thought that Razer wouldn’t be super happy having their players use modded sticks). I have and have used my trusty PS4 Mad Catz TE for a while now and just wanted to know if it would be fine for me to use an adapter to use my PS4 stick on my Xbox One or if I had any other use for such an adapter. And if so what’s the best one to be looking at? I know I’ve heard the Titan One has given PS4 users problems but have heard the Cronusmax Plus has zero input lag and is great. Would like to get more opinions and suggestions/experiences though.

Brook makes PS3/PS4 -> Xbox One adapters.
Can’t really vouch for them since I prefer to dual mod but I heard they work great. Tournament legality is still being worked out.

I was very close considering the brook adapter, then I stumbled on the new Cronusmax Plus. It’s one universal adapter unlike the multiple platform brook adapters, already has tournament mode, arcade sticks support, etc.

Main concern is input delay. Any comparison yet between the two?

Cronus Max is banned in most tournaments

Good to know thx.