What's the Best material to put on the bottom of sticks to prevent sliding?

I love my HRAP3 but I find that the texture of the pads on the bottom and their flatness make it slide on my lap a lot more than my Madcatz sticks. It works great when I have tray set up for it, but I don’t always have one handy.

Is there anything in particular that you’ve found works well for keeping sticks from sliding?

I’ve tried adding new non-slip feet, but the screws weren’t long enough, and the rubber as hard and not very slip resistant on clothing.

I’ve also tried using that drawer liner material but it didn’t work too fantastically.

Seriously, no one has a suggestion?

You can buy the huge adhesive backed, no-slip 3x4" squares from either Lowes or Home Depot.


For table top play, I found great success with the rubber feet with the metal washer attached to them.They are not adhesive backed but, are for screwing to wood. Most of the stick builders use’em. I use them on my HRAP, but I superglued them on.

Look similar to these…

I bought a roll of that grip material/liner that goes in kitchen cabinets, and double sided taped it the bottom of my TE (cut a sheet to match). It sticks on my lap good.


Gotta do it for my MAS stick now.

an old large mousepad works

Anyone ever used grip tape for skateboard decks?

I have a 34x18cm foam rubber mat with 1,5mm thickness under my TE, attached by adhesive tape. I didn’t like the pressure marks from the feet on my lap after playing - works like a charm also on tables :tup:



i was going to say mousepads myself, but griptape is much more effective though that’s extreme… it’ll scratch your legs up if some unexpected forces pulls on the stick (random ragequit, random kid, random cat).

This is the best stuff… cover the whole bottom of your stick with this:

Motorcycle Tank Pads from TechSpec-USA - General Sheets

The rubber grips to your lap or any tabletop surface. No more slippery…

Dont do this. It will ruin your clothes! The stuff on the bottom of the VLX is the shit. Get that stuff whatever it is!

Opted to try the draw liner stuff again but did way more than before. I picked up some of that double sided carpet tape and covered practically the entire bottom of the stick. It’s holding solidly on khakis. I’ll have to try it out on different materials of pants.

This is what I did on my old stick. It was fine except that it started to dry/flake off.

Hm. If only I hadn’t just gripped my new element deck… Lol. But, I think this would probably scratch furniture rather than stick. Would probably work great on your lap, may damage lighter clothes, but it’s like sandpaper, really. It’s more for sticking to shoe soles than furniture.



I use sound insulation rubber, it is pretty thin, flat and non abrasive.

what also helps is making the stick heavy by weighting it from the inside.

GOOD LORD that looks like tire tread… and grip tape?!? yea… that sounds painfull… are you sweating so bad that the pad slips off your lap or is it just that you put a lot of force into moving the stick… my son is like that and i have him use just a regular pillow to help keep the pad on his lap when his not using a table. but yea… grip tape? thats hardcore…

That would be cool but it would punish the table you play on.

I just use the adhesive rubber stuff hah

Try some of these. I use the 5/8" ones. They have a surprising amount of grip. Message the seller and ask for a sample.