Whats the best kind of glue to hold the connector in place?

im modding my SE fightstick and i just got a new JLF joystick and im wondering what the best kind of glue to hold the connector in place is, as ive read online it sometimes disconnects. is there nay specific kind of glue that should be used, or will any kind do?

hot glue?

does it have to be hotglue, or is that just whats preferred?

recommended and easiest to obtain/remove if needed.

Try avoiding Krazy glue/gorilla glue.

if you’re never going to remove it.


would regular like elmers glue work?

No it will not. Elmer’s is good for paper and popsicle sticks but not plastic. If you are super cheap you could experiment with foam craft glue from Micheals.

its not neccesarily about cheapness, im just trying to figure out if theres a kind i might have around my house, my dads a carpenter so im hoping he has a hot glue gun or something.

would tape work by any chance? my dad has all the glues you guys have said not to use, crazy,gorilla etc.

I don’t see why you couldn’t use tape… as long as it holds it in, whatever.
I’ve used the default madcatz harness for a year or so now on my TE (Same harness), and its never come undone.
I wouldn’t recommend using any glue other than a dab of hot glue between the harness and the stick. at that point you may as well solder the four signals and ground to the pcb if you’re that worried.

you don’t want the bond to be permanent, just use universal liquid paper glue/ vinyl glue (usually for wood), polystyrenes profiles glue (vynil too), wallpaperglue. or as just said above…tape.

i don’t know how it would come off all by itself in the first palce btw, the harness i got with My JLF-TP certainly won’t disconnect by itself unless you pull it with something like 30 N or something, that is about what you’d get from the weight of a can of coke.

Electric tape works perfectly for this kind of stuff as far as I know, why so much glue? And if any i’d say hot glue.
By the way I modded my SE with an LS32 and the harness didn’t even come close to coming of after I just pushed it on there, for months of playtime now.

Hot glue guns are like literally 3 dollars and usually come with a stick or 2

i have a JLF-TP-8YT-SK but i just put it and closed the damn thing up, if it comes off on its own ill glue it.orginally it was pretty lose and slipped on its own, but i finally got it in position where it wont come off on its own.so ill play it by ear,thanks for the info guys, appreciate it.

Hot-Glue, work’s just fine, Whip out your hot glue gun, I used it to hold my SE harness lasted a very long time it eventually does come off if you use it everyday for like 4/5 months like i did but its a very cheap solution and works, Just do not get it on the metal pins

do not get it on the metal pins???

I used electrical tape over the connection. It holds up well.